Cam has covid

Why would Cam getting Covid delay the game? Should just play the game…unless a bunch of others come-up positive as well.

The last I heard, Cam is for sure out, and the Patriots are staying in Boston until the rest of the team is cleared. They want to make sure other players aren’t also positive before heading out here.

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Because hes been in close contact with the whole team and they wont know if anyone else has it yet.

Has any athlete who has contracted Covid actually been sick?

Yeah but they won’t know for a couple of weeks, correct? I think you can be a carrier before you show symptoms or run a fever.

Von Miller had it early on and he said it was bad. Couldn’t taste things for months after.

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cam probably went to a strip bar and caught it lol.

I’m wishing the guy a quick recovery

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Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. He has always seemed to be a very community minded guy, especially when it comes to children.

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Don’t forget to check your fantasy lineups guys. This is going to be mayhem in fantasy.

Mine is already FUBAR from the Titans-Steelers game. They definitely need to make a decision on the game by noon at the latest on Sunday.

Eduardo Rodriguez, of the Red Sox has a long term cardiac complication now. Plenty of MLB guys were sick and more than a few had a rough go, including Tigers Isaac Paredes, Freddie Freeman, a couple of the Marlins young guys and a couple of the Cardinals.

Freddie Freeman said that at it’s peak it was absolutely terrifying. Didn’t know how much trouble he was in bc he’d never felt anywhere close to that sick.

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Is this game postponed. I have mahomes as my starting qb and it says PPD