Cam Sutton turns himself in

Or, or…

The Lions saw an opportunity to unburden themselves from Clearly Not As Advertised results from a player that was behaving erratically, that showed up at the facility unplanned and was just all Disney Whistle While You Work Out knowing he had Strangled the mother of his kids, and that the police were looking for him…Obviously Using The Teams Facility as a Hideout for as long as he could…

THEN when confronted , went PEACE OUT THANKS FOR THE CRIB HOMIE! and went deep underground.

CHARACTER is why they cut him…

None of that is whatever a “rush to judgment” is.

Also, there are only 3 notches in your parlance, but a lot of degrees of each. When the victim expresses they want to work things out as a family, often the DAs office ( who does the actual charging, not the police) often is amenable to those wishes.

His play went off a cliff. He was channeling energy through crystals in the lockerroom. He choked out his kids mother, used the team to hide, beat feet when the team tried to help, then went Saddam Spider Hole for 2 weeks, then when he said he’d surrender on a Monday took a week after to get some Easter ham, then actually showed up.

I’m not trusting that guy ever again. Gimme my money back.


So basically the stone stop working so he threw her out the window.
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Remember, he was charged with a felony. It’s likely only a misdemeanor because he is rich enough to pay off the victim and has good lawyers.


That’s the thing. Can the Lions get their money back?


This reads like the victim quit cooperating with the investigation. If she doesn’t want to press charges, it would be really hard to get any type of felony conviction.

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He wasn’t charged with a felony. That’s the whole point. He was only charged once he was arrested. Then they charged him with a misdemeanor.

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I think you guys are all just confused by all the legal jargon. What actually happened is

He CHARGED at Ms. Demeanor, the mother of his children, and RELEASED her from the 3rd floor window.

The warrant was a felony warrant, they only reduced it once he turned himself in

Sutton’s initial arrest warrant charged him with a felony , but prosecutors said Monday he was being formally charged with misdemeanor battery, which carries a maximum one-year jail sentence.

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Such a strange all around story. Literally nothing new would surprise me at this point

Well what I think is the issue is once all the dust settle, He leaned on her and made her realize that if he gets put in jail he will be loosing Millions of dollars.

So she went silent. And I suspect that without her testimony. All they clearly have is that she has some bruising. How she got it is unproven. So I am not sure how they ever get convictions on this stuff without the victims testimony. Unless she is knocked right out it gets into a he said she said.

Now where I am curious is to how the NFL handles the monies part of it towards the Lions CAP. Because if they do not help the Lions in this area then why would any team enforce these rules. It would make zero financial sense. Just let it all play out and send the message that we do not care about domestic violence…

If the the Lions have to pay him matters little. At this point, all I am interested in is the CAP space and what level of dead monies the Lions will have to deal with. Sutton and his GF have had some odd event that I am not sure we will ever fully get the details on.

It would be surprising if the league didn’t objectively agree Cam broke the morals clause in his contract with all this. And give us cap relief

But it is Goodell and his merry band of morons. So I also wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly announced they are taking away our first round draft pick for not detaining him

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Ah. Didn’t know that. Thanks.

I’ve seen a lot of these type of cases due to the field im in. It seems like the victim quit cooperating. Also, almost every charge gets plead down nowadays.

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No case with an uncooperative witness. So the dirtbag gets away with it. I don’t know that his NFL career will be continuing though. Probably end up suing like Rice did.


It happens all the time Socko.

I never could understand why a Woman would stay with a Man who beats Her. I’m sure there is some underlying psychological thing to it, but alludes me.

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She stopped cooperating in hopes he keeps his contract money. If the league rules against him she won’t get much in resolution. She’s just protecting her financial situation.

Hopefully they still nab him on fleeing and eluding. Seems like he has no chance of talking himself out of that.

I appreciate the Lions quick reaction. I mean a decision was made and action taken. And it was the right one. If he had turned himself in, then I might say the Lions should have waited a second before taking any action. But the second he fled and elude the warrant they had to release him IMO. At that point, they knew he was informed and he chose to break the law. Playing in the NFL again is a privilege, yes it is a ruthless business but these guys make silly money if the make it.