Campbell Post-Game Comments

Lions HC Dan Campbell’s opening statement: “That’s another win. We kind of talked about it – it’s a six-game season for us. That’s three down. So, I would say it was not our cleanest game. There were a lot of little things that we did not do right, that we must clean up moving forward. However, when we needed it, our defense played pretty dang good, let’s start there. They played pretty dang good. There were a couple things we gave up, but man, they fought, certainly had the stop there at the end. I think as a team, what really came through was in critical moments, man, especially there at the end of the game. We came up huge. Get the fourth-and-1 for a touchdown, it was a great call by Ben. And then our defense has to take the field with 1:49, three timeouts for the opponent, and, you know, they get into field goal range. And we stop them. Got some critical sacks and hurries, and we recovered well. Man, it was great. That’s part of the maturing process, the growth, because I don’t know if we would have made those plays early in the year. Something would have gone the other way. That just shows we’re getting more mature, and we’re becoming more disciplined in the critical moments. That’s big.”

Campbell on how important it is to show the Lions can win differently: “ Yeah, they’re all important. They’re all important. Because I think it’s important to know (when) you get in that critical moment, and all doesn’t look well, you get in a critical fourth, that you can make that play. And no, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re at the two-minute and you’re going to get a 5-yard gain for the first down. It can mean, at any moment, even Brock Wright can take it for the touchdown. How long was that touchdown? 51-yard touchdown, even Brock Wright can do that. It’s possible with some blocking from a teammate, and everything just lines up perfectly and you do it right. And we’re not even talking about Swift or Saint or, you know, Chark, some of the playmakers we have. It didn’t quite go there, but it can happen. Just do your job. You can’t hone in on, what if we don’t, what if we don’t make this play. No, you just go make the play. Line up and cut it loose.”

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