Campbell: Starters to play on Sunday plus CJGJ, McNeil and Cabinda

No Houston?

Cabinda is back?

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Jamo news is huge

i may rest him just in case, dont want to aggrevate it.


Yup, still have an outside shot at #2. Gotta win for that slight possibility to happen. Im also a believer of momentum, so gotta get some back after tuff loss.

To be fair…our odds are less than 1%
The risk of injury is greater than that

Doesn’t surprise me Dan will play them. Hope they are out the game soon tho


Fingers crossed that things work out for the Lions this week. Getting these guys back to get some live play before the playoffs is a benefit that can help the Lions in the playoffs.

I’m doubtful we see Houston til 2nd round if at all.

1%, really? Where do you see that? Both Cowboys and Eagles on the road vs division opponents, trying to play spoiler? Granted, its the Commanders and Giants, but both those games should be dogfights.

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When I first read that, I thought “why does he think the Lions could face the Texans in round 2”?

This is going to be a good move if they stay healthy, but if a major player gets injured he’s going to be torched in the media. Pros and cons of being a head coach.

There’s no way they don’t play Houston in round 1 if they started his practice window last week. He’ll either play Minnesota, but it’s TBD, or he’ll play in round 1.


No kidding. That’s burying the lede, if you ask me.

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Stranger things have happened than two teams losing in a week vs. weaker opponents. You don’t think he’d be torched for sitting players, losing the game and seeing that both DAL and PHI lost?

Now, ideally looking at all the scenarios, if they win and only one team loses, you’d want it to be PHI. That would put them at #5 and mean Detroit won’t have to make a trip to Philly in January.

He mentions getting Cabinda back… He’s obviously going to be added to the Practice Squad, having just been cut.

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When do the CONTROLLED FURY tshirts become available?


Nowhere near as much as if an injury occurred.

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I’ll say fair enough. It’s a really tough call in either scenario.