Can anyone post Brad Holmes' Press Conference?

I absolutely could not find a link to it. Anyone else find it?

Love ya!


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I love where BH says “it’s Dans team”!

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Saying all the right things. Not good enough but it was to plan and developed the youth.

Testament to how the team played for the staff. Gritty. Pushed through the hard times.

Lots of gold in the senior bowl. Will make sure they are 'lions guys that fit".

Jared is mentally and physically tough. His grit fits. He had adversity to overcome. He stayed the course. It wasn’t a surprise that he played good football in the second half, but he loved the adversity he pushed through and overcame.

Aman-ra is who we expected. It took a bit for everything to click but he has what we knew he does. Reminds him a lot of the WRs they had at the Rams.

He was so excited for Levi but battled some health things and a season off. They thought he was going to be a red-shirt this season but he came in a flashed and contributed. He has a lot of work to do but is self-aware of what he needs to do and is a smart and physically talented guy and can do it.

Barnes, he had to learn the entire LB position. That wasn’t his position. The coaches are doing great with him and he is encouraged by his growth.
Even the Lazard TD play against him he said that Barnes wouldn’t have even recognized it 4-5 weeks ago as an example of his growth!

‘Still going through the [draft] process. It’s a good draft. You could argue offensive line and defensive line are our strengths. Will look at perimeter guys on both sides.’

(If anyone finds the transcripts please feel free to post as my quotes aren’t exact :slight_smile: )


One thing I hope holds true. “The foundation is laid”

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