Can Dahl play Right Tackle?

I’m just wondering how we can minimize the damage of the miss-of-a-signing in Vaitai?
Move Vaitai to RG and Dahl to RT?


Dahl played one season at LT in college. I think he is versatile enough to give it a shot.

I don’t like Vaitia at guard though. He doesn’t seem to get to the second level or pull very well.

Dahl at OT is good outside the box thinking. He doesn’t have the preferred length but others have made it work.

It wouldn’t hurt to draft a OT in the mid rounds. At least our o-line is in decent shape.

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Athletically he could play LT. The problem with Dahl is length and strength. He’s worked on the strength but there is nothing he can do about his length.

Thats what she said.


I think he first needs to learn to play OG.

When we start Aboushi over him he either sucks or our coach is an idiot… lol

Seriously I think Dahl won’t be back next year.

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Our coach is an idiot.


Stick Vaitai on the bench where he belongs.

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I agree

I think Vaitai can be salvaged, but it’s going to take a lot of focused work. First thing I would do is have him practice chasing chickens. Not joking.


Literally perfect!
10/10 in both timing and effectiveness!
Even buried in great football perspective!
Seriously laughed out loud for 20 seconds.

He seems like the worst contract on the team - hope you are right, bro.

3 positions are locked in, Decker/Jackson/Ragnow

Vaitai isn’t going anywhere because of contract. Hopefully he’s able to lock down the RT spot.

Dahl, Crosby & Stenberg (4th round pick last year) under contract for 2021.

Dahl always seems just about ready to step into full time starter status but never seems to make that jump. Crosby’s versatility and low contract assure him a spot.

I could see us adding an OG/OC kind of guy that can back up 2 spots.

With the Cap possibly going down to the project 175 mil I doubt we retain anyone who isn’t currently under contract.

Crosby very well could be our starting RT as a result and Vaitai our a starting OG. While Dahl hits FA.

Vaitai gives us some flexibility incase of injury.

Nelson might be the swing tackle next year.

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Why not Nelson? He made a big jump this season, honestly by next year he may be hi man on the depth chart. Stenberg is strictly an OG and I’m not sure what happened to him this year. He gave up either 1 or zero sacks vs the SEC at Kentucky his senior year. Really needs to be coached up this off season.