Can our PS players get picked by other teams?

not sure how that works this year.

new rules allow teams to protect four practice squad players per week from poaching. At the beginning of a game week, teams submit the names of up to four players who cannot be poached by other teams. A specific player can be protected an unlimited amount of times during one season.


There is an additional rule where upcoming opponents can’t poach your PS players to try and get competitive information.


Isn’t this called the “Belichick Rule”?

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There’s also the built-in defense that one of our practice squad guys would have to be worthy of making another team’s roster.

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Haha there is some truth to that. If you can’t make the Lions depleted and rebuilding roster, how the heck are you going to make another teams active roster.

And I believe if you claim a PS player from another team, he must then be on your 53 man roster for a minimum of 3 weeks. In other words, another team has to really want the guy and can’t just grab him for a week.

They should add a rule that you can pick a team that can never pouch any of your players. I call it the “■■■■ the Packers” rule.


Eff those pouching Packers.