Can the Lions be trusted?

Even if they win? History says no.

2007–Lions started 6-2; finished 7-9.
2013–Lions started 6-3; finished 7-9.
2016–Lions started 9-4; finished 9-8.

Winning 2 out of the next 3 against playoff quality opponents would provide some cautious optimism, but that’s tempered by–it’s the Lions.

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Those teams have zero correlation with the team this year. 2007 has absolutely no connection to the 2019 team. There probably aren’t a lot of players from 2013 still on the roster.
In 2016, the Lions played 17 games?


I have no clue - I just want a win this weekend, and no injuries!!

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Well, you’re right Doc in the sense that these 2019 Lions haven’t won a single game yet.

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It’s fun to track stuff like this, but I don’t believe in franchise curses. Some people do though. I just don’t think the Lions start off with records like that. More like 1-5-1 or something.

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And I know they can’t be trusted with a 24-6 lead against the worst team in the NFL.


We dont have a full win. We have half of a win though!

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Yes, our final game was a loss in the playoffs

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No, they cannot

Unfortunately, I’m one of those that do. Its the only way for me explain away all those Lionzy moments though the decades,

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Short answer, no they cannot be trusted.

However, this schedule is set up for them to make a Wayne Fontes-esque run at the end. The only question is, how big of a hole will they have to climb out of? If they can somehow end up no worse than 3-5 at the halfway point, or even dare I say 4-4, then there will be some real hope for a run.

Well they can’t finish 3-5 or 4-4. Just sayin’

But if they can get through week 9 with only 4 or less losses, I would consider that a success.

Ha! My bad. Last week still feels like a loss to me.

I have learned to never trust the lions and never consider a win until the whistle has blown. Even then I wait 5 minutes to believe it.


The Lions can be trusted about as much as a fart on Taco Tuesday

Taco Farts?

I trust the Lions about as much as I would have trusted Michael Jackson to watch my kids.

As this play demonstrates:

I trust the Lions as much as I trust a glass of water in Flint