Can we all agree

That these uniforms look like trash and the Lions need to read the room (yeah sure, like that will happen) and change them to all blue or all silver or something.

Chairman Mao pajamas…



They look like pajamas… I’m hoping to see a cool uniform change this off-season… I think they can do it now… they need a uniform revamp

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I want to see the navy blue from our dynasty era on the lions uniform style of the 90’s. Combine our two winning eras.


I’ve seen some really good concepts. They need to go to block numbers with some simple shoulder striping something.

They tried to do too much with this current set.

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Yes!!! That would be super cool.

I love the original throwbacks and wish they would go with those… tiny they won’t… so definitely navy blue and silver, upgrade the Lion, block type numbers… agree. I don’t like the numbers now and definitely not a fan of any of the alternate jerseys… change it up and go old school! And ditch “Honolulu” blue!

They are still honoring William Clay Ford with clay colored unis

My son and I both loved them.

Whats that snap shot from? This past week?

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The Lions just need to stop color rushing all together. I don’t like any of their color rush uniforms.

Grey, Blue, or White…they all look like crap.

But the all greys are a special kind of hideous.

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If they are comfy…. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like 'em.

Personally I liked the black uni jerseys

I agree 100%.

much johnny depp GIF


YES…and the white on white ones are even WORSE!

They really do look like pajamas. Awful.

YES! The original throwbacks that Barry used to wear every Thanksgiving.

LOL. Yup

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It is

I love those black uniforms


Seriously, these unis are where football meets Civil War reenactments, and no surprise! Lions are on the losing side.


need a darker grey…kinda like an “almost Oakland” uni. (or wherever they moved to).


This!! All the players looked faster when they wore these. They are badass and intimidating. Like when Mike Tyson used to come out with just a towel over his head and shoulders…it was game over before it even started.


I like the greys
Throwbacks are THE BEST though
Actually prefer the helmet with no logo

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