Can we fire Brad yet?

I’ve been hard at work for the last hour, BRAD, just what in the ■■■■ are you doing?

< / sarcasm >


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Yeah this ia UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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Sign Hunter please

Well he needs to something. Hunter goes to 49ers that will be fun.

Common Brad…

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Millenesque first 1.5 hours

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If Hunter Goes to the 49ers

Just wait until one of the big DE or DT go to another team. MELTDOWN!!

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Word is Brad’s looking at FA longsnapper

No on Wilkins

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If we don’t sign Hunter or DJ Reeder this board
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No mercenaries.

We can go back 3 years these days were more fun even if we stopped playing after game 17 The media talked about us an all the money we spent.

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Yea I am not getting it myself. What one does with FA and the draft reflects what happens in Dec-Jan.

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