Can We Possibly get a DC that knew what the hell he was doing !?

Seems like that’s mission impossible for the lions to. Undlin is not it ! why is it we can’t find one that isn’t clueless?

Why can’t we have a DC that knows how to build a defensive line correctly AND make it a strength?

well “more of a strength.” I guess because your never going to have a great offense AND a great defense at the same time-I’m asking for more of a balance than the O is weak OR the D is.

seems we can’t even fin a DC that knows what he’s doing-either…

I don’t think we have the talent to be a good defense. Can’t judge Undlin when he is stymied by a terrible HC he was working under and half of the starters are out with injury since Patricia was fired.

I can’t imagine the Lions not going all out on defense in FA and the draft.

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Patricia sealed his fate when he hired Undlin. He had a chance to hire a real DC and change his horrible scheme but instead hired the DB coach of the worst secondary in the league.

Undlin never deserved the chance to be a DC but Patricia went with someone he was comfortable with instead of someone who could make a real difference.

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Whoever gets it next has a tough job. Quinn was not a great evaluator of talent on the defensive side of the ball.

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Teryl Austin definitely knew what he was doing. It wasn’t always the best results, but he definitely had a gameplan. It was actually interesting to see him put together a winnable formula in the year or 2 that we had no talent left on defense outside of Slay.


I’d settle for a DC that recognizes that QB pressure is one of the most important things a defensive line can do.

Can Spielman please ask that question during the interviews? “How important is pass-rush to your defensive philosophy, and how do you go about scheming to do it?”

If they give you an answer that even remotely sounds like Matt Patricia’s ideas, give them a nice Lions swag bag and start heading back to the airport.


yeah I have no idea how poorly Matt Patricia weighed decision-wise on Undlin, to what degree that is-but seems almost like CU didn’t really have any say OR had little idea what he was doing anyway . that’s why I don’t like Head coaches being heavily involved in the DC’s plans. I want to judge each separately, not wonder what good the DC is/was while the HC was always in his face telling HIM what to do.

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You are 100% right. I think Patricia had extremely low self esteem and was scared to bring in someone with actual new and different ideas that would improve the Defensive scheme and make him look dumb.

A strong head coach brings in qualified coaches underneath him, learns from them, collaborates with them. Patricia just tried to run the exact same Patriots defense and never once worked to the strengths of his players.

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we won’t have a real defense until we actually commit to it thru the draft. we sorely need pass rush talent and have ignored that position in the early rounds of the draft for too long.

unfortunately it will take a few years at this point but we can’t put it off any longer. our first pick this year and next MUST be the best pass rush lineman available, regardless of “value”.

you have to have the ability to lead your horses to begin with as a DC as an OC a, as a HC or it all goes South.