Can't help but feel like Stafford is treated like Pinoccio here

Dude is a puppet in a lions uniform, with JBC and Patricia as the puppet masters. I think Stafford looks uncomfortable and Matt P & Cooter are dialing shit up that is a bit off to Stafford and the plays take more time to develop and set up…than Matt has in the pocket. We only look good against teams with a weaker defense or injuries to certain players. There are ZERO star players on this team.
I thought KJ for sure…been good would be great with a better OC…JBC holds the guy back.

I thought Tate surely would-be great this season…now he’s gone.

I thought Kenny Golladay would be every bit as good or better than Tate, but he’s being held back by JBC.

we really wouldn’t miss Tate and the offense would be kicking more ass but…JBC keeps that from happening. The O-line looks confused, Stafford looks “off” his typical game, the seconday is getting burnt wondering who/what the need to cover, and our defense…still lacking.

BUT one of the worst things is, I think they restrain Stafford by telling him “you do this …that way.” You do that now!" “don’t do this…do that instead!” . the whole time Jim Bob Cooter was here, I think and get the impression that he thinks his shit don’t stink, and he’s perfect…but the players aren’t listening or executing HIS play/his scheme correctly.

It seems that he doesn’t want to listen to anybody else…Cooter. has an attitude, and an air about him that he thinks he’s better than he is. too much almost total control of how Stafford plays. Matt doesn’t look comfortable at all but robotic at times IMO.

I agree that Stafford looks off. There’s definitely something going on. He looks like a guy who’s not enjoying the game. He looks stressed … maybe Kelly was sleeping with Tate… lol

Galladay has a limited route tree. He has talent but the reason we got him in the 3rd round was he has a lot to work on. I don’t think anyone is holding Galladay back but Galladay.

The OL play is a huge concern. Two weeks in a row they couldn’t stop a HS kid. It’s difficult for any OC to draw up plays when his QB is sacked 10 times.

I do have my concerns about a JBC. I’m not so sure he’s the brilliant mind that Caldwell made him out to be. If I had a vote I’d vote to go in another direction. Im uninspired by this offense. It’s slowly gotten worse over recent years. But when it comes time to replace him I hope it’s with an experienced NFL OC. Not some up and comer who’s never been an OC. Not some college coaching buddy of Patricias. I want an experienced OC with a good reputation.

There’s a possibility that Dal could let Linehan go … lol

I would be thrilled to get Schwartz and Linehan back right now. I think when the Lions moved on from them, it was the best idea for everyone. We lacked discipline. Stafford and the offense could put up a lot of points, but he was a bit careless at times as well. Caldwell was the right move to come in and correct Stafford’s carelessness. I also feel like they neutered the offense a bit, and it hasn’t been the same since.

None of this is a knock on Patricia, as I still feel like he deserves time. There have been games where he has made adjustments in game, and we’ve fixed some issues. Other games we just look overmatched, and that may be a talent thing. Our defense is not really scary at all. The offense needs some consistency on the line, and some WRs that get some separation. I am not upset by the Tate trade. He declined an extension, and they got good value for him.