Cap charges spent on Offensive and Defense since Quinn hired

Shows how much significantly less Holmes spent on the roster compared to Quinn, as Holmes tries to get Quinn’s UFA mistakes (dead cap) under control. I think it’s something that everyone knew, but the chart puts it into perspective.


Clean up the cap, build through the draft. So far, so good. Now we gotta take a big jump in year 2 of the rebuild.


That’s why it’s always a bad idea to give a regime “one more year” to prove they can get it together. They end up drafting based on short term interests and blow the cap in future years to “win now”. In reality the writing was on the wall that Quintricia was a train wreck year one when we were purging our most talented players because they didn’t fall in line with the Patriot Way.



If you’re at a point where you’re not committed to your staff, then it’s time to move on for exactly the reason you stated.

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There was absolutely no way that Fatricia and his handler were going to make anything better, they should have never had the last year here but on the flip side we don’t get the people we have now if we would have kicked 'em.


True, and should be the same standard for the current regime.

Playoffs by 2023 season. No excuses.

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LOL - Niiice!


Thank tiny, baby Jesus for the new guys.


The last regime took over a winning team.

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I hope everyone is on board with this.

Sometimes I get concerned there are some who are so thrilled Brad and Dan aren’t Quintricia that they’ll settle for less.

2022 and 2023 need to show improvements. But yes, playoffs in 2023 or they gotta go.

So far, they seem more methodical than the past. But that doesn’t mean shit without wins.


Not necessarily. 2023 is the first year they should be evaluated (not half way through their first season). I would never want to put absolutes on something so important.

But expecting playoffs in 2023 is a good place to start the evaluation process.


Yup. I love the direction of the culture, but the reality is we won 3 games last year. Yea yea yea we had some heartbreaking losses but they were still losses. All of this locker room positivity has to translate to Ws or it’s just BS.

The only realistic goal is improvement!

If the improvement continues, the wins and the championships will take care of themselves.

If the improvement stops, then it’s time to reevaluate. In the meantime, it’s a lot more fun to just watch the growth.

Purging good players is the one that sucks the most.

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I’d say year one of quintricia wasn’t bad. There was hope that he could get it done. After the snacks trade the lions defense played really well and was ranked 8th in the league. It was the second year that showed their true colors. That off-season is when they started the purge and had us all questioning what the hell they were doing.

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I wouldn’t count 2021…this was an attempt at a first build of the foundation…they couldn’t finish building it all before the season started and we got schooled . you right, they are far more methodical-this staff, but I would say by 2024, we should be fighting for a bowl.

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SB or bust baby!!

The only real difference between year one and the other years was hope. We started the year getting blown out by a Jets team that ended up 4-12. The 49ers gashed us as well. We beat the Patriots…yay. Old Patriots coaches beating Bill seems to be the norm now. They just can’t beat other teams. The Packers game at home is one of my favorite games of the last 10 years. Loved it! The game wasn’t nearly as close as the end score.

Fast forward to getting Snacks. The Seahawks gashed us for 200 yards rushing and the damn punter ran for the game clinching first down out of the damn endzone. To me that’s an even more embarrassing play than Dan-O running out of the back of the endzone. A total lack of respect. We lost 7 of our last 10 games. We made Mitch Trubisky look like Aaron Rodgers, and somehow managed to lose to Chase Daniel at home and giving up a 107 QB rating to him. Ugh. We let our “hope” override the fact that the Rams beat us 30-16. We beat a 3-13 Cardinals team that was destined for the #1 overall pick and had a historically bad offense that was going to get the entire coaching staff fired after one season. We went to Buffalo to play a struggling rookie QB…and lost. The Vikings made us look like the JV team that we were. The Kyle Rudolph hail mary catch to end the half was another embarrassment. It was a good thing the Packers handed us a win in the final week of the season. And that wasn’t a normal Packers team. They only won 6 games and fired their head coach midseason.

We sucked. We just had hope. That was the only difference.

Check this out!

All of that shit is out the window now…guts, effort, talent, and winning at the margins.

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lucky to win ten games to.