Capping free agency off

Bad Brad has already made the Lions better this offseason and has done it economically.

Without mentioning he’s a few weeks away from adding at least 2 and probably 3 impact players in 2024.

Still see him bringing in a couple more additions.

Im hoping for 2 of the following:

Justin Simmons -
Andrus Peat— can backup every spot other than C.
Mechi Becton- Love his tangibles and could see him having a poor man’s Trent Williams career arc.
Steven Nelson- Gritty and always in the mix
Stephon Gilmore- makes too much sense.
Lattimore post June1- would harden my loins
Calais Campbell- Have wanted him a Lion for damn near 2 decades now. Still bullies Olinemen

Who else available do you like?


Are they Detroit Loins?

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Born and bred!!! lol

Still lots of moves to be made.

1 - Draft 4/25/24-4/27/24
2 - UDFA 4/27/24
3 - Post June 1st FA/Trades 6/1/24
4 - 53 Man Cut downs 8/27/24

Lots of time to make Brad Money Moves.


I wonder what it would take to land someone like WR Tyler Boyd?

He’s been a fairly consistent player and would help improve our WR depth.

There’s some decent options out there at Safety too. I’d love it if we could add some talent.

Diggs, Dugger, Simmons, and Adams would all help improve our group.


I agree on both positions needing depth. I assume if the draft goes away from these spots then Brad will circle back post-draft. Safety feels a bit odd to me tho - the Lions are planning on starting Iffy and Kerby who are both young and on rookie deals. Adding a rookie as depth feels dangerous. With all the veteran depth out there, love to see a guy added who’s capable of starting.

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A veteran depth player makes too much sense and I suspect Brad is trying to find a cheap option.

Personally I’d love any of those guys on a one year deal.

I agree that we’re too thin and too inexperienced not to grab an experienced veteran.

If we fail to add one pre draft I’d assume that meant we had a someone in our cross hairs for the draft.

Diggs I could see taking a role here. Dugger has a transition tag so don’t see him coming here on a “Brad Deal”, Pats would most likely match anything we offered him. I think Simmons would want a starting role, could be wrong about that.
Adams with his injury history makes total sense for a 1 year Brad signing :rofl: :rofl:

Not sure about dangerous. The draft is full of mid-round safety types. Iffy has an injury history and Kerby hasn’t exactly lit it up. Take away Rogers and he’s pretty pedestrian.

Veteran depth makes sense, but I wouldn’t question Brad if he drafted a mid-round safety. If he beats out Kerby, all the better.


Beats out Kerby? So then we’re counting on Iffy to play 20 games next season? The guy who averaged 8 games a year the first couple of seasons in the league with injuries? And we’re supposed to hope a mid round rookie holds up against Mahomes and guys like him in the playoffs?

Feels dangerous at best, GM malpractice at worst.

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They have to add a vet safety


Agreed. Confident they will. I guess it’ll be after the draft.

He has confidence…. :grimacing::face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::open_mouth:


Or Tourette’s

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Justin Simmons and DJ Chark would really help round out the roster.

G Barton
M Melton
B Fiske
J Coker
Brennan Jackson
Nathan Thomas
J Karty

This draft with the above 2 players signed would really, really put us position to compete for a SB now, but sty fortified in 25’ and beyond.


We would I just need Coker or Green to develop into a WR3 level player by 2025-


Lots of position flexibility and 3 young reserves who should turn out to be at least 2 starters.


Hutch/M Davenport/B Jackson
Alim/Fiske/Levi O
Reader/Bro Mart


That’s about right for 26 defenders?

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I think it’s pretty clear that nothing significant is going to happen before the draft.

They will see how the draft plays out and then plug holes after that. It is also possible that more guys become available after the draft.

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Not sure how you got from A to B? All I’m saying is safety is a sneaky need for us. Veteran depth - sure. But I wouldn’t exclude a developmental safety who could become good quickly - eventually passing KerJo and even Iffy. If you’re saying its dangerous to rely on ONLY a mid to late round safety as our third safety, I’m not saying you’re wrong. I am saying Brad will draft the best player in a given spot and if a safety he likes falls to him in the third round, I’m not going to question it.

Clearly, we’re not going to go into the season with Brandon Joseph as safety #3, unless he transformed into something he wasn’t .

Give me lattimore for a cb and diggs at safety after the draft.

Interior o line
A dt
A de
A wr
A cb

With first 5 picks in any order

Some have mentioned Boyd, Gallup, and Chark as WR options that could be picked up after the draft.

I have 1 more name to add to the list.

And… it will depend on the medical evaluation. 🫨🫨🫨

He just turned 28yo in January.

He has 1982 receiving yards in his past 43 games…
good for 46 yards per game (~800 yards over 17 games).

In those 43 games…

he has 189 catches on 273 targets… a 69% catch rate.

And… he had 13 TDs in those 43 games.

He has played outside WR and in the slot.

His name is _______________???


C’mon… it is 19 days away from the draft… gotta make something interesting!

Suspense is torture?