Cardinals - Rams Game thread

Lets start it early.
Kyle on GMFB this am said Stafford is like the 40yr old virgin, if he doesn’t win tonight look out.
Whole trade was based on Rams going further with Stafford than they did with Goff, has to be SB or it didn’t work.

Stafford has to not lose the game, no int’s or pick six.
Murray has to put the team on his back and win the game.

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Sorry to Stafford, but I’m 100% pulling for the Cardinals tonight! It is a business, and picking at 23 sounds infinitely better than 32. So, here’s to hoping he channels the spirit of Ty Detmer tonight :pray: :blush:. Besides, one upset for the whole six games? That’s boring :sleeping:.


People don’t really care about that pic , most are dying for Stafford to loose so they can say there were right. Cause if he wins this playoff game there alot around here that will have egg on there face they will pretend it’s not there but the rest of us will see it driping from there chin.


Like Greg Jennings??

Go Lions!


There is a substantial amount of this going on in the forum.

I don’t think anything short of a Super Bowl victory will scratch the surface for some people like that.

And, to be fair, I doubt that many supporters would be swayed in their overall opinion of Matt if he goes out and lays an egg tonight.

This game will change few minds one way or the other.


I just want slightly shinier Magik Beanzzzz.


I think you are right.

If Matt loses tonight…. Goff wins a playoff game in Detroit next year, many still won’t be.

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23 is a spot where I can see one of Dean or Lloyd available and possibly Burks. I don’t see that at 28 or higher.


Perhaps, but I think there’s a fairly substantial overlap between pro-Goff and pro-Staff guys. I don’t think there’s a huge divide there.

I frankly think the biggest divide on the quarterback front is Pretty Good Guy We Have vs. Perceived Limitless Guy We Could (or Could’ve) Draft(ed).

The problem there is PLGWCD never has a bad game. His identity shifts before stats are nailed down.


Dubpup, that’s the first thing that comes to mind for me as well. That and I can’t stand the anticipation.

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This game is a tossup, in my opinion.

It doesn’t matter how the game goes, though. If Matt throws for 800 yards and 9 TDs, but they somehow lose, he’ll be blamed.

If he throws a pick six or plays like shit and they lose, he’ll (rightfully) be blamed.

If he plays well, and the team does well in general, he will have been ‘carried.’

People already have their narrative, and it’s entirely based on what @Tcmouse said.

I’ll say this: even though it’s a tossup, if the Rams prevail, they have a legit shot at Tampa Bay.


I look at it like this, Stafford chose not to be here (thanks for the memories and all that jazz), he’s the past and the only vested interest left is the worse his team does, the higher the Lions pick for the next two years. That’s all.

No animosity, no legendary longings of what could have been, no living in past drafts.


Personally I like/liked the trade. It was time and it was a good trade. I don’t even mind Goff going for us next year. Whatever the Rams accomplish this year doesn’t affect my view of this trade. There will be talent there when we are picking.


I’m on board with this, with the exception of the Lions pick-thing. Again, shades of grey, just don’t see it mattering a whole bunch. Not after 30 years of Lions drafts.

I do think some have a really toxic and weird hatred toward Matt. They were the same ones blaming him for the team’s shortcomings over the past 10 years—so I think there is still some of that brewing between posters. No one’s opinion on that is going to change any time soon though (and we shouldn’t re-hash it here, either).

To add to the above: I think there are some who use beanz as an excuse to openly vent their hatred toward Matt here.

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Well, might as well turn off the lights and just board this place up now. Isn’t re-hashing stuff where opinions aren’t going to change like 75% of what goes on here?

Then there’s 10% “That’s what she said” jokes with the remainder being mock drafts where we’ve somehow acquired 37 picks in the first round.


I have zero against Stafford and root for the guy. I do have a small problem with McVay. He’s so egotistical and a passive aggressive blamer that it irks me.

If Stafford does his job and gets say 3 td -1 int and the Rams lose because of their defense, McVay will find a way to make it look like Stafford and Morris’ fault and come out as golden boy on the other side.


I like Stafford, but I like my Lions more.

I would like to see him get off the playoff loss snide…but I would rather have the better draft position for my Lions. If the Rams win tonight , I’ll be happy for him.

I do think this is Stafford’s best chance. I think next year is going to a rough one since they went all in with trading for players.


Two major players for me regarding this game:

  • Rams win if thier run game drops at least 100 yards; no run game and no win

  • if the falcons defense plays lights out, they win and or keep it close!! No defense tonight and they will get beat hard