Carolina Game?

Looking back at what coulda been if not for that disaster of a game, at least on defense.

Was just kinda wondering, What the heck happened? It’s like there was a totally different team out there on the field.

It didnt seem like we had guys out injured, so was it simply the the scheme? Did the guys go out the night before, ala Varsity Blues, and just didnt wanna be there? Panthers O isn’t that great shakes.

Whatever it was, i sure hope they learned from it!

  1. the field was terrible because it was artificial and absolutely frozen and we didn’t prepare for that.

  2. the defensive scheme was a wide nickel to stop…darnold. and we didn’t adjust anywhere near in time.

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I do remember hearing about that field issue. But that winter snow cyclone was talked about for a week leading up to the game. How did our equipment staff not have an idea to prepare properly?

What happened, Aaron Glenn happened

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The Lions were killed by that fumble exchange near the Carolina goal line. They should have had a 14-7 lead and momentum. It’s was downhill from there


For me it’s about the Seattle and Minny games.

If we could have forced just one punt against Seattle we are in the playoffs right now.


Man you guys just want to keep beating on Glenn. I am all for it when he deserves it but the ENTIRE TEAM PLAYED FLAT. That’s on the players and Dan

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