Carr leaves Raiders = Lions trade down?

Clearly the Raiders are gonna be looking for a QB. Having them at 7, right behind the Lions could be especially sweet


I think they reunite Brady with McDaniels.


Brady playing in tough division. I dont see that happening. Herbert, and mahomes


He wanted to go there last FA cycle. Herbert was only a rookie at the time, but still, Mahomes was the MVP.

And he did go to a division with Brees. I think it’s highly unlikely Brady is scared of competition.


Brady’s last hurrah in Vegas would be hilarious considering that is where all the old entertainers go when their career is over.


Well, at what point does his legacy come into play? He got away with crap play in a crap division, if he wants to continue to have the opportunity to get into the playoffs and play for a shot at the SB his best chance is right where he’s at.

Yeah it’s something he’ll have to take into account. All I know is a) he wanted to go there last time but the Raiders decided to stick with “that ■■■■■■■ guy,” b) Davis wanted to bring him in and was willing to pay him big before Gruden overruled him, c) McDaniels and Brady have a good relationship, d) they’ll have to try and keep Davante Adams happy, and e) Brady is a west coast guy.

Maybe he doesn’t go there, but I still think they’re one of the most likely teams to go with a vet.

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He’s 7-0 vs the Cowboys and is catching them at the perfect time, they haven’t sucked this bad all season. It will be interesting to see where he goes, or stays put, or retires.

Not what im saying. Just saying his division have been dog shit. If he was in any other division hes not in the playoffs this year


Well that’s true, but I’m almost certain he’s leaving Tampa. Whether he winds up in LV or not, TBD.

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Oh i agree

Brady winning the super bowl in the gambling capital of the world at age 50, book it! haha

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Brady is like 72 years old. I highly doubt signing Brady prohibits the Raiders from drafting their long term solution at QB. In fact, if Brady really does go there, it would only increase the odds they draft the long term solution and have him sit and learn from the goat for one season in my eyes.

Maybe so. I just think of all the teams that need QBs, the Jets and Raiders are most likely to go the vet route.

Raiders trading Carr to the Jets actually makes a ton of sense to me. But yes I agree the Jets just got burned drafting Wilson. Can’t see them jumping back in. CJ Stroud feels like a Raiders pick tho

He might be, but there’s also a really good chance he’s gone by our pick. Three QBs could be gone (Young, Stroud, Levis, along with Anderson and Carter). To me our best hope of trading down is if Richardson blows up the process, and not physically - we all know that’s coming - but the interviews and chalk board sessions. Which of course we have no access to.

Either way we’ll know by draft day what the Raiders have done, so it’s kinda moot talking bout it now. Either they’ve added a vet or they haven’t. If they haven’t then we very well may be a hot spot.

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Brady was cloned years ago, the clone is just entering his prime, haha

Aging Old Man GIF by A&E

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If he lost as much money in the FTX scam as the rumors say he did, Brady might try to play until he reaches the actual retirement age.

Carr has a no trade Claus, if I was him I would force the Raiders to cut me.

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And Wilson, can’t forget about him!


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