Carson Palmer on Matt Stafford

Puts Matt Stafford at the top of his list for for Most Talented QB he has ever seen


I think a lot of players and coaches would say the same thing. There’s been a few Packer fans that criticize Lions fans for being extremely critical of Stafford and that they remind them a lot of Favre in several ways (Except Stafford’s INT rate is lower)… Lol

11 MNF games since 2010? Never would guessed. Would have thought maybe total night games.

The mlive provided didn’t work for me. This one does.

It’s at about 9:45


We may see some of his best football under Bevell and Patricia.

I’m enjoying his play…hope it continues.


Just saw this Jaded, didn’t realize you also posted on this topic…wasn’t trying to steal your thunder…i posted a comment in the “Joker” thread about stafford using carson’s clip as a defense of stafford.

This clip is fantastic. I am glad people are starting to seperate Stafford’s and his ability from the Lions and their futility. So many great qb’s are great because they had the great fortune of also going to a great organization and it was the perfect marriage.

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My hope has always been that the Lions figure it all out and Stafford is one of the qbs who plays till he is 39-40 and these next 10 years kinda rewrite Stafford’s legacy in regards to team success and what not.