Carson Wentz, Buh Bye!

Just released by Washington. Where to now, USFL?

And #3.


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He’d be better than Nate Sudfield. I think.


that would be kind of crazy to have him back up Goff…
the #1 and #2 OA picks from the same draft in 2016.


Same draft as Sudfeld as well. They are all buds.

All we need now is Paxton Lynch! What a stud career he had.

Paxton has the tools, his ceiling is so high!

I watched that XFL game with Paxton. He was just ok at best but they do have a really bad o-line. But he wasn’t really pulled, Terrell Buckley was rotating QBs. He hasn’t decided on a starter yet.

You mean his head is so high it would hit the ceiling . Other than that…

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You watched an entire XFL game!?

Im Sorry The Morning Show GIF by Apple TV+

He has to retire right?

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There were plenty of Rams fans in 2019-2020 wishing they had taken Wentz instead of Goff.
“He’s so much more dynamic!”
“He can make more plays with his feet!”

Same people that think Dak is the best QB from that draft class…

Goff is the best QB from that draft class with Dak being 2nd best.


XFL is a fun watch.
Paxton Lynch was a bad watch.

With our current backup situation, Wentz might be an improvement with a vet minimum contract with some incentives tossed in. It is totally a low-risk proposition and we will need camp arms anyway.

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Prince Harry is relieved that he no longer has to live the double life.


Don’t hate the idea of Wentz, but not hoping for it either.

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