Casserly says Stafford staying!

This will upset some if true but I think it’s best that he stays as well. You can still draft a developmental guy. Fix the Defense, bite kneepcaps and go from there!!!

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Anyone can be traded for the right price. Trading Stafford only makes sense if we can get a massive haul for him.

For example, Chicago once traded 2 first rounders and a 3rd rounder for Jay Cutler!

If the Lions were offered 2 first rounders for Stafford, would you take it?


Just his opinion. At this early point Holmes may not even know if Stafford is staying or going.

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At this point, it’s really up to Stafford first. If he wants out, it’s hard to force a QB to stay. You need him to be 100% onboard with the coach.

If Stafford wants out, he’ll likely get it.

Then it’s up to the coach/gm, I’ve said before, that I don’t think there would be one qualified GM that would want to ship Stafford out. That’s not to say if you get a king’s ransom, you don’t do it. Holmes and MC/DC want him, I don’t doubt that one bit.

Knowing Stafford . . . I think he stays.


Back when Patricia showed up he was pretty open his love for Stafford.

These guys seem to be kinda walking on eggshells around the topic.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Stafford has asked out already and they are keeping up appearances to keep his value high.

I don’t think they want him out though

Who knows though

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Yes, but only if I was convinced I’d be able to replace him in some fashion, whether that be signing Fitzpatrick and drafting a rookie to groom, or turning around with that haul and going after Watson.

Not everyone is convinced Stafford wants to be here.


I’m good either way. If the get a good haul for Stafford, then I wish him well. Shoot he can sign back here again when his contract is up…if he wants

I think Stafford staying would give a new, and seeing how things are going a raw OC, stability, ability and leadership at the most important position on the team.

I’m not sure what his value is on the trade market. However I was listening to The Fan out here in Denver with Mark Schlerth (Stink) and Mike Evans and the were talking a 1st and 3rd for Stafford. I don’t think that’s enough. Especially when they said three 1st and a player like Jerry Jeudy or Noah Fant to get Deshawn Watson from Houston.


Stafford want to move means he wants to win . When he can get a better offensive line to his age he should move . If he stays when we are doing house cleaning means something else is reason only Stafford knows

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Yep. Gonna come down to whether Stafford buys in.


Would be very tempting. 5 picks in the first 3 rounds, including 2 first rounders would be massive in helping us stock the roster with young talent. Holmes is meant to be a great drafter right!


So Stafford is a motivated winner when and if he wants out, and a tow the line loser if he stays?

Makes complete sense!

Interesting because Boomer Esiason said the other day on radio that he heard Stafford wants out. Who to believe?

Edit: I see that the Boomer quote was posted already.

if lions make some off season signing to improve offense and he stays make sense , otherwise questions arise


If you could land a 1st + 3rd for Stafford (Let’s say from Indy)

Then you could take #7 and trade it down multiple times…

#7 = 1,500 pts

(Hypothetical trade Raiders # 17)

#17 - 950 pts
#48 - 420 pts
2022 3rd round pick - 100 pts

Then trade #17 with Baltimore #28

#17 = 950 pts

#28 = 660 pts
#80 = 190 pts
2022 3rd round pick = 100 pts

Suddenly, the Lions have:


Plus 4 3rd round picks in 2022 (Along with likely a very high 1st and 2nd pick)

Obviously, you need a trade partner, this is hypothetical and is a LOT harder to pull off than it is to fantasize about the possibility. If you’re about to rebuild a team in your own mold though, it’s nice to have 6 picks in the top 80 this year and 6 in the top 80 next year + a chance to land your franchise QB in 2022. Risky though…

Personally, something like this is what I’m hoping the Lions do.

Yes, we lose Stafford. No, we don’t have his replacement and are likely, at best, a 2-3 win team next season. But, I don’t see any difference between 3 wins and 8 wins so…maybe others see that differently. The only difference to me is that the Lions have quickly turned over the roster and put themselves in a great position to land a franchise QB in 2022 draft.

Yes, it means another year of losing. But, it also gives us a shot at avoiding mediocrity (see the last 10 seasons) and finding greatness.

You can’t hit a home run unless you swing at the pitch.


No it doesn’t. Just stop.

Wanting to stay here to see it through is just as valid as wanting to go somewhere else and trying to win if Detroit is in a “rebuild”.

Maybe a lot depends on who the Lions sign as their new OC and QB coach. Are they going to keep Stafford on a tight leash like Patricia did, or are they going to let him do his thing downfield more often? Will they keep Golladay and/or Marvin? If they both go, that doesn’t bode well for keeping Stafford, does it? I think Stafford is still in the “wait and see what happens” mode.

From the Lions’ perspective, they have to make a judgment pretty quick on Stafford’s ability to play for another 6-8 years, AND what it’ll take money-wise to pay him. Do they get 2 1st round picks for the guy? Has Stafford ever said anything about wanting a shot at a SB ring, or about hanging 'em up at some point? Here’s a guy that has had his ass kicked every Sunday for a long time, does he want to stick around for another 6-8 years of abuse? He might be okay with going to someplace like Indy, where he finally has a chance to lead a decent team into the playoffs.

Having said all that, I personally think he ain’t leaving. LOL, and we all know what that means.

Agreed, I see that as the only real way he gets traded this offseason. Even if Holmes/Campbell think it’s time to start preparing for the future, trading him now makes a big cut into an already tight cap, while leaving a giant hole at the most important and expensive position on the team.

So unless somebody offers you an incredible deal you can’t turn down, drafting your QB of the future this year but waiting until next off-season to move Stafford gives you the most flexibility. As well as giving you a chance to actually win a couple games next year.

But like you say, it all comes down to whether Stafford wants out. It sounds like Holmes and Campbell will be straight with him, and if it’s looking like yet another two to three-year rebuild minimum, maybe he is finally ready to move on.

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Dropping out of the top 15 is going to cost more than chart unless the Lions really want to move back and are willing to accept a discount on realistic values.

The chart is just a reference. Look back at the types of past transactions that have occurred, I’d think you find it will cost more, especially if there’s a qb prospect sitting there.


I don’t understand the concept of this compensation being nearly enough to lose Stafford. It’s wouldn’t be in the ballpark of enough to get the guy who is most likely to sniff Stafford’s level (Lawrence), and it’s not enough to get any of the guys who have anything more than a puncher’s chance to be long-term NFL starters.

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The concept is this.

Stafford is 33 in February.

The Lions are in the midst of a rebuild (Unless you think their roster is on the cusp of competing with the likes of teams like the Chiefs). If you don’t think the Lions are on the cusp of competing with GB, the Chiefs, etc - then they are on the midst of a rebuild.

The rebuild will result in 1-3 years of overhauling the roster.

Stafford will be 36 and on the verge of another contract by the time the new regime has molded the roster the way they want it to be.

We can have a good 36 year old QB with a young roster on a $25+ million contract.

Or, we can turn Stafford into pieces that will help to accelerate the rebuild and be working with a young, early 20 something year old franchise QB on a rookie contract.

It’s risky - no doubt.

It all boils down to how competitive you think the roster currently is, how much rebuilding needs to be done, and how good you think Stafford is.

If you think the roster is close and Stafford is elite - This plan makes no sense.

If you think the roster needs 2-3 years of work + Stafford is average/good and getting old, then the plan makes some sense.