CBS Sports touts Sam LaPorta as Detroit Lions' 2023 MVP

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I don’t know about MVP… but he’s definitely in the top 10 players on the team as a rook.


To 10?!

1a - Penei
1b - Sun God
3 - Hutch
4 - ken Doll
5…La porta.
6 - Gibbs

Who else is better?

How about the guy who throws the ball to St. BROWN and LaPorta… can’t remember his name. :laughing:

Ragnow and Decker in the top 10 as well.


Ok, who the f*** do you think “Ken Doll” is!!! Goff looks like Ryan Reynolds, Reynolds played Ken in Barb… God fuckin damnit you guys get your pop culture references in line :joy:

I just assumed you were talking about about this guy… so much more beautiful than Ken.

Oh that hair is dreamy…

Alex Anzalone Hair Flip GIF by Detroit Lions

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Sounds weird but I think Frank Ragnow may have been our most valuable player - or at least in the top-3. People forget that he calls out protections and can dig Vita Vea out of a hole on a bad foot.

His back up, Glasgow, used to be a starting C and the drop off in the whole OL from Rags to Glasgow at center was very noticeable.

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Wrong Ryan

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1 - Penei
2 - Sun God
3 - Ragnow
3 - Hutch
4 - Goff
5 - La Porta
6 - Gibbs
7 - Montgomery
8 - Branch
9 - Iffy
10 - Rest of OL and Jamo
11 - Joseph/McNeil/Cambell/Analzone/Barnes/CJGJ


You’re correct. I was drunk and got the last name wrong… Twice :joy:

News flash guys.

Good teams really struggle to single out the MVP…
Who is the MVP on KC this season?
C. Jones

I would make a pretty powerful argument it is Jones. The pop culture says Mahomes or Kelce.

This is what is nice about he Lions. They have pretty quickly built a team of ballers.

@Nate really needs to install the den breathalyzer test. Anything over 1.5 and u are limited to one post per day. :joy::joy:

In other news the den is being shut down without drunks being allowed… my bad I take it all back. :laughing:

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I heard he was just a throw in player when we traded Stafford. In fact, we were offered a choice between him and a random crackhead on the streets of LA. We originally accepted the crackhead in the trade offer. But when the crackhead couldn’t pass the physical because he OD’d and had a cold, lifeless body…we took the other guy.

Better here than in bed lol

ppl confuse “best” with Most valuable.
Our best player has to be Fox or Penei
LaPorta shows out as most productive, because of the position he plays…or Goff

I would look like it like this → if we lost _____, it would ruin us. Goff is the only one. Others would hurt.

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that’s hilarious……

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