Celtics Coach Suspended for 1 Year

Head coach Ime Udoka is likely facing a suspension for the entire 2022-23 season for his role in a “consensual relationship with a female staff member,” according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

WTF…consensual relationships get you suspended now!?


If it’s an underling, that is a problem, just like in any other workplace.


Clear policy violation. Beyond being inherent for sexual harassment, that kind of thing usually spills out ( which it did in Boston on this, that’s how it got reported) and negatively spins the office culture.

My boss, the owner, back in the day, was boning one of my salespeople every time he came across state to “visit”. To say that she got away with murder while he was gone is an understatement. She came on to me (also married at the time like my boss), other managers ( background I did later showed she went from company to company doing this), then when she didn’t get what she wanted, she’d walk into my office ( VP and GM of the place, mind you) and threaten to tell everyone.

That got back to my boss FAST and I got a visit the next day from him talking about how we have to “tread lightly” about “rumors”…mind you the year before I saw him go into a tiny hotel bathroom with two hot Home Office women with 15 of us, his employees in the hotel room, and his wife passed out drunk on the bed with her hooch showing from her skirt being too short and her too unconscious…so yeah… rumors…

Suffice to say she didn’t last long there and I walked out a few months later.

So yeah, that stuff is the Train to Toxicville guys…big time.



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LA does crazy shit to people man…it was a big party at corporate and we were the guests of honor.

Ask me sometime how I got a passenger van with 15 of us out of a drunk driving enforcement lane stop somewhere in Huntington Beach…


UM’s last president was shitcanned over inappropriate emails with a subordinate. Did they get caught doing anything beyond that? Doesn’t matter, you get no leeway with that when you are the big boss. The irony that he had been involved in developing the university’s much stricter rules about relationships between faculty and staff while he was involved in a banned relationship was not lost on anyone.

Obviously the hammer is going to drop a lot harder on the president of a public university than the coach of professional sports team. I doubt that any public confidence in the Celtics has been lost over Udoka’s sex life. If anything the fans will be angry that their team will have to play without their coach over something most of them don’t even care about. To paraphrase Weasel though, the problem is the potential liability that comes from Udoka’s conduct. If this subordinate or any other he gets involved with feels like they must have sex with him to protect their job, then you’ve got a slam dunk sexual harassment case in the making.


I thought he must have said that COVID originated in China…

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Why did this scenario trigger such a response?

Everything ok mang?

How did you get a passenger van with 15 of you out of a drunk driving enforcement lane stop somewhere in Huntington Beach?

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It’s a fair question and I can understand why people are asking it. I mean, if it’s consensual why is it “bad” and worthy of punishment?

1st and foremost - This broke an organizational policy. Organizations set policies and the expectation is that they are adhered to, especially by leadership members.

Having said that, it begs the question - Why is this an organizational policy?

The answer? There is a long history of issues with this scenario in workplaces around the globe. Issues with vengeful behavior once the relationship ends. Issues with an employee receiving unfair promotions or advantages over coworkers (favoritism). Issues with coercion. Etc - The scenario can often lead to ugly endings that create more problems for an organization than it’s worth.

It’s possible this could have been avoided if they disclosed the relationship, perhaps? I’m not sure…I know some companies have a policy where it’s ok so long as the relationship is disclosed.

I was wondering the same thing when I 1st saw the headlines yesterday. It seems a bit harsh to me to suspend him the entire year but I suppose that’s the Celtic’s decision to make.

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No, he told a subordinate that a boner was originating in his pants when he looked at her.

Step 1- Tell 15 drunk shitheads to be quiet, which they really don’t comply with

Step-2 Tell the cop you had a drink at the awards ceremony and decided to be the adult that night (drunk shitheads try and stop making noise, poorly), cop looks, gives me a look like “Ok, I get it”…

Step 3- Have the Lambo behind us come flying into the next lane, slam the brakes, throw it in reverse, smoke the tires and try and get away.

Step 4- Say " Thank you sir!" and drive off as he waves you on as he runs to his car to get on the radio about the Lambo

Step 5- Have the van break out into 130 decibel YEEEEAHHHHHH!!! and then debate whether I should have admitted having 1 drink the rest of the way to the hotel…


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That’s friggin hilarious lol. Well done man! Well done… :beers:


Yea that’s what I was thinking. My first thought when I saw the headline was I have several friends who met their wife and or husband at work. Especially if you work in a large company with hundreds of employees, these things are going to happen. My own parents met at work. Still happily married for almost 50 years now. I wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t allowed back then.

Several posters made good points above about why these policies exist however. And I can understand how it could create huge problems if one of the partners is in a much higher position of authority in the company than the other.


We’re never going to have policies that cover all contingencies. My parents met when my dad was a professor and my mom was one of his students. They didn’t start dating until after her class with him was over, but many university policies now ban faculty from having an intimate relationship with any students regardless of their academic status.


I hate the Celtics, so Yea?

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Do you happen to have her phone number?


Let me give you the STD clinic number first…


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Haha me too! Go Raps Go!!!

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