CFB Players to Watch: Nov 18 edition

Jack Sawyer, EDGE, Ohio State
Minnesota at No. 2 Ohio State, 4 p.m., Big Ten Network

Leonard Taylor III, DT, Miami (Fla.)
No. 10 Louisville at Miami (Fla.), 12 p.m., ABC

J. Michael Sturdivant, WR, UCLA
UCLA at USC, 3:30 p.m., ABC

Troy Fautanu, OL, Washington
No. 5 Washington at No. 11 Oregon State, 7:30 p.m., ABC

T.J. Tampa, CB, Iowa State
No. 7 Texas at Iowa State, 8 p.m., FOX

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Some good games to watch

UGA vs TN, can Dawgs get the win in Knoxville
Washington vs Oregon St, is Oregon state really the #11 team?
Michigan vs Maryland, only listed to see if the team is still focused after this week and OSU nex week.

Those are the ones that come to mind without looking it up.

Really like that last 2 on that list. Troy Fautanu & T.J. Tampa. I take both these guys in many mocks, Troy can probably step right in for Jackson. And Tampa is a outside CB we could use has Length and speed he might be better for zone then Man.


TJ Tampa has a tough matchup today having to cover the two WR from Texas that should go in the first or second round. Will be watching to see how that goes, no doubt he will lose some matchups.

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Devontez Walker vs. Nate Wiggins will be an interesting matchup.

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Iowa State is not a team I would want to play right now, their O is finally on track. Tampa is solid, former WR that might go in the 2nd this year but would have gone in the 3rd last year. Texas may not have to throw his way though as the ISU secondary depth is good but not great.

Sebastian Castro, esp now that Cooper DeJean is out, He’s having a solid season.

2023 Honors – – Associated Press midseason second team All-American…


I am with you on Fautanu. And I think he can play tackle too, so he can step in as a starting OG right away while also being our swing tackle. Then maybe in the future shift out to RT when Sewell switches to left after Decker leaves.

I really love the idea of grabbing an OT who can play OG. Fautanu is one of them, so is Fuaga. Kingsley too but he hasn’t been nearly as good.

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I think folks are anticipating Skoronski arms for Fautanu. Both he and Barton are going to be awesome OG’s and while both much like Skoronski could survive at OT in a pinch I think I’d prefer a guy with more traditional OT length (Kingsley, Fuaga, Mims, maybe even Latham slides).

I have no idea how they all project inside. For instance is 6’7" an issue at OG for Mims? But if we’re going OL in round 1 I want him to be a long term tackle. Especially in this class.

Glasgow is going to want to stay and I’m fine with Sorsdal plus competition at OG. Maybe add someone like Christian Haynes in round 3 if we pass on OT. Not sure if Haynes falls that far but he may.

As for the first round …
Martin Luther King Jr Protest GIF by GIPHY News

… that we trade down to the Browns round 2 pick so Andrew Barry can grab a QB.

Are they? I’ve seen arms listed as a question mark I suppose, but when I watch him he doesn’t look nearly as short as Skoronski. If his arms are that short then yeah, he’s not playing tackle.

Don’t have any inside info. Trevor and Connor of NFL Draft Stock Exchange were suggesting he’d like come in around 6’3" and with short arms. Don’t know that they meant 32.25 but at 6’3" sub 33" would hardly be a surprise.

Though Slater is 6’3" with 33 arms and Fautanu has similarly sweet feet so perhaps it’s not that big of a deal :man_shrugging:

We shall see.

If we pick where I think we will then I’m not really tied to a specific position. I think I’d prefer CB, X WR, Edge, 3T or OT w/OG flexibility.

I’d be hoping a guy with top 15/20 talent slides down:

Leonard Taylor

Hope that someone like that slides and if that overloads a positional group oh well.

That’s where I am too. On the simulators it seems like they’re the most popular needs, they fly off the board. Often left passing on a position I was hoping to hit for a better value elsewhere.

I do think this is a draft in which the late first carries some QB trade down potential. But perhaps I’m misguided in my belief that the fifth year option matters at that spot. It didn’t for Levis :man_shrugging:

I think it means less now than it used to. If they hit you end up signing them before then more often than not. If they don’t you’re probably not picking it up by then anyway (and if you do it often doesn’t work out)

I think it might matter for a team that’s doing the Jordan Love thing. Jets, Browns, Seahawks, Broncos, Vikings if they resign Kirk… those types of teams.

Didn’t they get Love to sign a new 2-year deal before the season? Like they bought themselves an extra year I thought without having to mess with the 5th year.

But I get it. Teams that want guys to be backups for a minute.

They did. But that deal was seen as curious by most insiders from what I understand. I don’t think the Love mini extension will be a common path.

I’m looking for a 50% reduction in post game swear words from Sherrone Moore. Baby steps.

Jonah Ellis vs. Jordan Morgan is another interesting matchup today