CFB players to watch: Sept 3 edition

Five players from the Detroit News:

Jalen Carter NT UGA
3:30 UGA vs Or

Ivan Pace Jr LB Cinci
Cinci vs Ark 3:30 ESPN

Clark Phillips III, CB, Utah
Utah vs Florida, 7 p.m., ESPN

Brandon Joseph, S, Notre Dame
Notre Dame vs Ohio State, 7:30 p.m., ABC

Thomas Greaney, TE, Albany
Albany vs Baylor, 7 p.m., ESPN+

I will add from UM:
Mazi Smith NT
UM vs Co St

I think Justin Flowe may remind folks just how talented he is today.

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I know it’s supposed to be a blow out, but anybody on Colorado state to keep an eye on?

We are currently carrying 4 TE’s and only 1 is marginal at being a 2 way player. Sam LaPorta was IOWA’s leading receiver last year and he can block.

I thought Nephi Sewell was the LB to watch on Oregon. I guess Justin Flowe is right up there with him?

He was a 5 star coming in and has had some injuries. He is suppose to be full tilt boogie at this point.

No Noah Sewell (against superpower Georgia) on that list? Pfft

I know everybody is focused on defense but I’m keeping a close eye on the QBs. Stroud is the only one of the projected 1st rounders who will be tested today so he’ll be the focus this week. I guess you can say Richardson too.

Different style of players. Both exceptionally highly regarded coming out of HS. Sewell is more of a throw back type of LBer with some modern skills sprinkled in. Justin Flowe is more the archetype of the hyper-athletic modern linebacker. Noah is of course also an absolute freak at his size you just don’t see many 255lb LBers anymore.

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Anthony Richardson plays well today and he’s going to absolutely rocket up draft lists.

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Excited to see how Cam Ward plays. Not that Idaho is much of a test of course.

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Devin Leary playing @ East Carolina could be interesting. They were a bowl team last year though they did lose quite a bit of their secondary. Still it’s a local rivalry, you know ECU will be up for it. But if Leary’s as good as I think he is, he should shred them.

So who do guys have winning it all and who is your BIG champion this year.

I like bama to win it
And really depends on osu defense if they improve i have them if not uofm.

Leary gets slept on bc he’s a Matt Ryan type in a draft filled with some jaw dropping QB talents. I think he can be an NFL starter for sure but does the lack of traits to dream on hurt him in a class like this? His arm is whippier than he’s given credit for.

I think he’s a much better athlete than Ryan, especially in the pocket. He’s not a great athlete or anything but he can buy himself time and even escape now and again. He’s a few inches shorter too but otherwise I like the comp, similar arm strength, similar processing, similar willingness to hang in the pocket. I think Leary might be more of a gamer, but I think Ryan is probably a touch more accurate. It’s a strength for both of them though.

But ultimately, unless he goes all Joe Burrow on us, I don’t see him moving ahead of the guys with the traits. He’s the sort of guy I wouldn’t mind drafting with the idea of turning him into a backup, holding out hope for the small percentage chance that he might be more than that.

Yeah, he’s definitely a better athlete than Ryan. Carr might be a better comp. He’s got a little Matt Corral in him as well. Matt’s tools were louder IMO but his character profile was kind of noisy whereas Leary appears to be straight aces on that front.

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A few QBs worth tracking today:

CJ Stroud (Ohio State) vs. Notre Dame
Bryce Young (Alabama) vs. Utah State
Will Levis (Kentucky) vs. Miami (OH)
Anthony Richardson (Florida) vs. Utah
Tanner McKee (Stanford) vs. Colgate
Tyler Van Dyke (Miami) vs. Bethune-Cookman
Jaren Hall (BYU) @ South Florida
Devin Leary (NC State) @ East Carolina
Brennan Armstrong (Virginia) vs. Richmond
KJ Jefferson (Arkansas) vs. Cincinnati
Phil Jurkovec (Boston College) vs. Rutgers
Cam Ward (Washington State) vs. Idaho
Cam Rising (Utah) @ Florida

Honestly I like Case Keenum as a comp, and I don’t mean that as an insult. They’re the same height, similar arm strength, both gamers. Both with limitations. And I think if I had to guess, Leary will have a career similar to Keenum’s.

Much whippier arm than Keenum IMO

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Curious what the draft guys on the board think of Cade McNamara at UM?

No, I don’t see him as an NFL starter, a strong solid cfb starter yes, but does he have potential as backup QB in the nfl?

Jack Campbell, last seasons leading tackler in the nation, 6’5" and 246, ILB at IOWA. Good draft for top talent at LB next year.