CGJ recaps OTA's day 1

CGJ and MJ already best buddies, because they work.
Love the positive vibes here.


Veteran FA’s stepping up to be leaders. This can only be good, right?

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At the bottom of the article…Holmes is ranked as the 13th best GM?

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"Everybody around here—the coaches, the players—everybody bought in already and I just got here,” Montgomery said. “It’s just one of those things when you first got here—just me, knowing who I am, it’s not about me catching up. It’s more about, ‘Alright, this is the kind of morale everyone has around here, so I’ve got to be the same way.’ Everyone around here already want to work. I haven’t been anywhere where it’s like that and it’s a really good team.”

“It’s hard to find people that really want to work,” Gardner-Johnson added.

That’s the stuff, right there. :fire:


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Leys get to work!!

The part about buy in and work is interesting to me.

I’ve never played in the NFL. But I imagine you do run across a fair amount of talented players who don’t want to put the extra work in. I do believe this team is on a different level in terms of motivation and I am pretty confident that is going to play dividends this year.


Love this and shows how much it has changed from Quinn. The buy in is there, the players believe in the processes the coaches, front office and ownership. They saw the consistency and belief in them and growth on the field.

Yea, I’m all in on the koolaid, but, also know that we need to keep improving or it means little. Full faith we will.

A few months back – on the ARSB talk show, they brought up Dan Campbell’s full contact practices. Chark was the guest. The other St. Brown was saying “that would never fly here”. And Chark was saying how he sort of agreed that it was excessive. So ARSB asked Chark - then why didn’t you say anything – he asked everyone whether they were good with it? And Chark replied, because I was new man, I can’t say anything. ARSB just grunted and moved on…
We do have a highly motivated team here and a working man’s culture. Coddled athletes need not apply!

That sounds similar to some things that Cam said about being in New England. There is stuff that goes on that you just take it and move on. Things are done and things are said by the coaching staff that wouldn’t fly if it wasn’t in the New England bubble. It helps explain why so many of the NE coaches have failed once they leave the Patriots. They think they can keep doing what they have been doing and it blows up in their face.

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I think this is where having a staff full of former players really helps us. They’re very player-friendly on the whole, so if they believe it’s in our best interest to do padded practice, then I think the players are more willing to accept it. They’ve been through it, after all.


This team starting to get that feel of the 90s Red Wings and early 2000s Pistons

Chark is also made of glass so no wonder he didn’t like it.


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