Chad Forbes (NFLDraftBites)

So is this what we are going the hear non-stop for the next few months?

Yup. Especially after we draft a QB at 8 overall :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’d rather draft a QB next year, especially if the Lions are going to suck (as almost everyone is predicting).

Connor Cook ! Connor Cook! Connor Cook!

Lol that is not going to happen, sorry to burst your bubble

I understand the frustration with Stafford, but I’ve been following this franchise since 1966, more so starting in '67, and i have to say, that while i’d be open to moving Stafford, let’s not forget that Matt is the best QB the Lions have had in 50+ Years, and as difficult as it can be to find another QB that can do what Matt has done (except winning playoff games) wont come easily. Frustrations can build with Matt, but the reality is there just arent that many options that are better than Stafford…warts and all.

That’s what they said about Tom Brady!

I was referring to TNutzz saying we would be drafting a QB at 8

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Never mind…

Well I was being a bit cheeky (hence the accompanying emoji) and alluding to Quinn saying they didn’t rule out drafting a QB at 8.

It’s most likely positioning to give weight to a trade down scenario, but one never knows. Stafford, regardless of how one hashes up ‘fault’ hasn’t been able to get it done in ten years, three coaches and multiple coordinators. So while I don’t think it’s likely - I wouldn’t be shocked if we drafted a QB at eight to sit for a year, then take the reigns when Matt’s contract becomes favorable to a trade. Bevell might lobby for Kyler Murray who is basically a Russell Wilson clone

(Also before you attack me keep in mind, I’m not espousing this per se; just speculating)