Chargers coach Anthony Lynn fired, and I really think Detroit should take a look at him

Breaking news that Lynn got fired today. Went 33-31 total with some terrible injury luck.


He’s a big reason that they’ve always been so bad in close games. He’s got some redeeming qualities but he might just be the worst game manager I’ve ever seen.

I think he would be a solid appointment similar to Coach Caldwell. Would get us back to respectability but consistently coming up short against the better teams and frustrating everyone with in game decision making.

I’d gladly take that over what we had over the previous 3 seasons but I would rather spin the dice on a different approach


The play on the Chargers is Gus Bradley at DC under Saleh.


The Detroit Lionhawks.

We’re gonna have dual head coaches? It might be innovative enough to work!

16 single score losses since 2019. I am not opposed to Lynn. I actually thought of starting a thread posing the same question. His guys played hard for him, won his last 4. Is he a younger version of Caldwell? Sounds like perhaps his game management skills need some work.

If it really is just in-game stuff, hire someone to do just that. It makes a ton of sense to me to have a coach solely focused on time out scenarios, when to go for two, etc. that the head coach relies on heavily.


Ooops. Typo.

I’m not sure where the Caldwell comparison is coming from. Yes, Caldwell could only beat the teams he was supposed to beat and pretty much never won a game vs an opponent in a meaningful situation or that we were not supposed to beat. Lynn didn’t do much this year in that regard, but its also not his fault that the Chiefs rested players. Last year he was one of the only coaches that beat the Packers. The year before that he beat the Steelers, Seahawks and Chiefs in the regular season and beat the Ravens in the postseason on the road.


I guess from:

  1. Being called a great leader and a good man.
  2. 16 once score losses since 2019 with several people attributing to his poor in game management. IE: Nate Silver and Daniel Jeremiah.

Both also said he should get another coaching job. I thought Jeremiah’s endorsement of him was important considering he has had an up-close contact to him as the team’s radio color commentator for several years now.

He had a winning record in 4 seasons and even won a playoff game. That’s way better than anything closely related to the Lions since 1991.

Tough to win your last 4 games and still get fired. If Bevell won his last 4 games, the Lions would have signed him to a 10 year deal, ha ha ha.

We discussed the possibility, and we would honestly have to at least think about it. Lynn beat a Chiefs team that wasn’t trying…then add in the Raiders, Broncos and Falcons. But if Bevel would have pulled off a streak at the end…he would have had to beat the Packers, Titans, Bucs and then Vikings. That would have actually been pretty impressive to see.

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There are going to be a number of failed head coaches who were recently great coordinators, and I’d love for them to hold that role with our new head coach, whoever he may be.

I’d count Lynn in that list.

I’m a Caldwell “defender” and HELL NO to Anthony Lynn.

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High expectations in Chargers land. Wasn’t Marty Schottenheimer fired after going 14-2? He just couldn’t get it done in the playoffs.

There was a huge rift between Marty and the GM, and it was a part of the dysfunction that Archie was made aware of that led to him saying Eli wouldn’t play there.

This is correct, AJ Smith was a dick from all accounts I’ve heard… Went around Marty with personnel and coaching decisions… He was denying assistants to interview for coordinator positions, even though Schottenheimer was good with it bc he wanted them to advance their careers. They went 14-2, but lost their first playoff game that year. I guess they weren’t even speaking at that point. That was one of my all time favorite teams… Rivers, LT, Gates, Merriman… A lot of fun to watch.

Caldwell did have a good record in the division. I was not a fan of him not letting the offense go out and pound people and just playing the “if we are close Stafford will pull it out” game.

Yeah he makes Caldwell look like Tom Landry.

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