CHArgers look good ! bad news for lions!

jets are good, lions could have their hands full !

Wait, so chargers look good and the jets are good so therefore lions are in trouble

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Short field off a turn over and 5 penalties already.
And a punt return for a TD.

Nothing impressive yet


Both teams look like crap to me. Penalties on almost every play, turnovers, dropped passes, and missed tackles all over the place.

Very very sloppy


My biggest take away is that Wilson is still horrible and I hate watching the Jets on primetime weekly.


Terrible football game.

Zach Wilson makes Jordan Love look good.


Wife let you drink before this game?


This might be the most interesting part of the game:

Not scared

Jets D is playing well. Now the offense and special teams have been beyond terrible

Zack Wilson is to Vinny Testaverde as Jordan Love is to Aaron Rogers.

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Not much to go off of from this game.
The Jets D has disrupted Herbert and his receivers rhythm.
Wilson is bad.
Chargers create turnovers.

this game is a……

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the Mannings are mocking the offenses for their ineptitude.


In fairness that Jets D is legit. Yes that’s what she said.

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The Jets offense is so predictable…
can tell run vs. pass well before the snap.

Might be one of the worst coaching jobs….

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Anybody seen Junior Seau? I don’t see him out there tonight

Also, Aaron Rodgers isnt throwing well tonight jets offense no good

Good thing Arog has been coaching up Zack.

If the Chargers play like this next week, they’ll be getting smoked

Wait, you didn’t understand? Chargers good, Jets good, Lions bad.

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