Chargers not interested in "fair trade" for No. 5, has to be "attractive for us"

We’re not going to make a trade unless we’re ripping you off.

I like that attitude.

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So trade them Will Harris and we tell them its Franco Harris :grin:

This draft insnt any clearer.

If there was a was a SUH or Calvin Johnson?

There isnt. This draft isnt close to that in my opinion…

Sounds Harbaugh-y

It has always been 3 1sts. That’s the cost of trading up for a QB in the top ten unless you’re not moving far (a couple of spots).

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Agree. The top ranked non-QB is Marvin Harrison, then the draft drops off after that. While Harrison is better than Dez Bryant, he’s certainly no Calvin Johnson.

and Minny doesnt have their second next year

Minny knows that they have to hit the qb if they trade up cause they are ■■■■■■ unless they tag and trade Justin Jefferson next offseason or something

actually stand corrected they still have their second

still they likely have to give up their 2nd or 3rd next year for the trade up potentially aswell

its a really risky move, and Kwesi’s Job is on the line here