Chark to the Chargers

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What a good spot for him. Smart. He hasn’t turned 28 yet. I’d love to see him get 2/20m next year. Seems like a good dude.


We never seemed interested in really reuniting with him


Why would he come here rather than there? They’re going to run the ball and he’s going to be the deep threat and Herbert is going to ge chucking to him.

He will be on my deep fantasy sleeper list if healthy.


Suddenly the Chargers are loaded at WR

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I was making a general statement of our lack of real reported interest the last two offseasons. At this point, i would go their too with their wr core mass exodus and the ability to go play with herbert. With that said goff isnt a poor option and they have raport… regardless my entire comment was about the lions interest in him or apparent lack of vs his choice to join LAC.

Up to 5 mill. Pretty cheap. Oh well.


I wasn’t making it about Goff vs. Herbert. Charm is clearly chasing targets. It’s smart. Time is clicking for last one big deal.

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Seeing as it is May 2nd and he signed for “up to 5M” i have to believe that another team could have gotten him if they showed serious interest months ago.

Again, i am not saying anything that hasnt already been discussed on this board when i say there was a significant lack of visible interest in a reunion with him here, but maybe it was more him not wanting to than us. Idk

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For sure. Chark was in that part of the WR market that wa pushed aside. But I don’t think he’s given up on being in demand. Ergo has taken an opportunity with opportunities in mind.

Great, now it’s stuck in my head again.

DJ Chark doo doo doo doo doo doo…


first time GIF

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Pushes Palmer to the bench you think?

I think it speaks volumes that we didn’t bring him in on a deal “worth up to $5 million”…

His market wasn’t good and it shouldn’t be.

We have had two opportunities to bring him back to Detroit and we passed.

Am I wrong?

Every year he has an injury.

I think Palmer is their No. 1 WR unless and until Quentin Johnson proves otherwise:

21 overall pick, catching 38 of 67 targets (56.7 percent) for 431 yards and two touchdowns in 17 games . He had just one outing with more than six targets and none with more than seven, despite making 10 starts and playing 64.6 percent of the Chargers’ offensive snaps.

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What injury did he have last year?

Grade 1 Hamstring?



How about you just play though it???

Did you read your link? He had an elbow injury last season and missed 1 game.

Lmao…im telling you…this comment made me laugh…

Are you a real person?

So funny…

There is no way your serious .