Chart that shows pending UFA's and snap counts

Bottom left, not many snap counts by UFA’s and those UFA’s didn’t perform as a group at a high level. Top right, a lot of snap counts by pending UFA’s who played at a high level.


One for defense only, CJGJ, Moseley, Harris, Romeo all included in the low snap count and low WAR.

Offense only, Jonah, Reynolds, Glasgow . . . lot of snaps, higher level of play.


The key for these types of charts is to be at or above the trend line.
And thats where the lions are so im ok with it.

Where CAR, TEN, NYG, DAL, CHI were below the trend line.

With this type of chart, I’m not sure you want to be above the trend line. i.e. The Buccaneers have the most WAR tied to their UFA’s, it’s going to cost a ton of money to replace Mayfield, Evans, Winfield, D White, L David, etc.

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Exactly, the way I read this is you want to be in the lower left quadrant. Another words losing a UFA means NOT losing snaps or WAR


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Yes, you are correct. It means the UFA’s didn’t play a lot (whether that’s injury or talent) and when they did, they weren’t very good. So they shouldn’t cost as much to re-sign.

I think I’d rather have low snap counts and high WAR. It means that I didn’t make bad decisions on players (i.e. Romeo, Vaitai, Harris, CJGJ, Moseley) all dragging down the WAR. Also, higher WAR’s would mean losing a player in UFA might generate a comp pick.

i.e. Walker was cut, so he’d be a SFA and not included in this list.

Here’s a list that includes all free agents (UFA, RFA, SFA, ERFA) and snap count percent

I get this, but in the same thinking, if they are positive WAR then maybe they should be playing more? That Left top quadrant looks just like I thought it would, not many there, for this reason. If a player has a positive WAR they should be playing more. Conversely the opposite is not true and those with negative WAR’s and high snap counts should be looked at as not resigning as UFA’s

Kind of an 100% anaylitical way to look at it if you really trust the WAR numbers

Maybe I am looking at it wrong :man_shrugging:

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It’s pretty common for these kind of metrics to be role/playing time sensitive. You see it often in baseball. A reliever has lights out advanced metrics in his lefty killer role. Then he’s haded the setup role and splits adversely affect his performance.

Sometimes the very reason that guys are excelling is bc their role has been confined to the limited spectrum of what they are good at.

Yep agree. Case by case basis.
I know may disagree but I think Houston fits in this category.
Great numbers with limited snaps, but those numbers would change in a full time role

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Houston is a real wildcard next year. We all had big hopes for his 2nd season. Unfortunately missed almost the entire thing.

Will he ever be the same with the plate and screws in his ankle? No idea.

Romeo and Walker were clearly not the same after their serious injuries. Hoping for the best with Houston.

I agree. If his production carried forward with more snaps he’d be the greatest pass rusher in league history.

My main issue with Houston and this staff is that even if he’s just a one trick pony it’s amongst the most valuable tricks out there so utilize it.

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