Chase Young to Detroit trade suggestion shot down by Redskins writer

But one can also see the problem when it is suggested that “Detroit could offer a second-round pick, a third-round pick and a fourth-round pick in exchange for Young.” Which is true; the Lions could do that.

But they wouldn’t. The reality of Young and Washington is that they are stuck with one another for a while, and that the upside (a healthy Young helps the Commanders contend for the playoffs) is far more palatable than the trade reality (no team is destroying its 2024 NFL Draft cupboard for the unknown that is Young.

Someone who “gets it.” Lions aren’t giving up that kind of draft capital for Young. No way.

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He doesn’t work hard enough for us. Maybe if we were already winning and had a great culture, but right now he might do more harm than good, and that’s not worth it.


Sure things are a myth

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