Chicago has two lions brothers

sewell and st brown

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You forgot to add “lesser talented.”


And we have the better of both.


Better than the days of us having the wrong Bailey and Gronkowski.


I think it cool when brothers play each other especially when we win

That was my first thought also

Tory >>> Terrance
Champ >>>> Boss

How the tables have turned…

Penei >>>> Noah
Amon Ra >>>>> Equanimeous

Wow, we had the wrong Holt, Gronkowski AND Bailey.:rofl:

I google’d it and found another one. In 1978 we had a guy named Willie Brock. Willie had a 1 year career in the league. His older brother Pete played for the Patriots for 12 seasons and his younger brother Stan had a 16 year career with the Saints and Chargers.

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The browns and sewells can carpool to games and sit together

I think the Bears drafted Noah just to piss off the Lions…

Siblings Week!


I will say this. While I don’t root for them when it’s Lions vs. Bears, I do root for their brothers otherwise just because I know how big family is to all four guys. Just good guys in the NFL.

Eddie Payton

Though to counter, we did have the better Blades Bro.


That’s unfair and you should be ashamed of yourself. That’s like saying we had the better Sanders if Byron had worked out when the Bears drafted him.


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If the Lions were “un-Fair”, we’d have had Randy Moss


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And what doesn’t say love more than stomping the shit out of your outclassed sibling.

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Ford’s racing division had Henry II. The Lions had William Clay.

Barry’s older brother Byron Sanders played at Northwestern and was drafted by the Bears in the 9th round of the 1989 draft, though he never made the team.

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I have four sisters and two brothers, but my sister has three sisters and three brothers. So I don’t know how these things work out. None of us play for the Bears.