Chiefs @ Lions Slowlights


Love these, and very much appreciate the Sandman!

Would love to see him do one of all the plays the refs screw us on, so we can keep a vault of them. Keep track of each team’s officiating beat-downs.

We could have a badass lawyer represent the organization and the fans. Martha probably wouldn’t foot the bill, so we’d have to start a fan-funded page.


i saw 98 on the chiefs w/ 3 face mask grabs

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Never enough thanks for viewing these.

Kenny “Who???” Galoday

What a find by BQs small school staff

Man I loved that run by Stafford. Looked like he was trudging through wet concrete and shedding tacklers one after another to keep going.
If he can maintain that focus and leadership this team is playoff bound. Bank it.
Thanks Sandman!


I think Golladay was known to a lot of scouts, in his 2 years in the MAC he was 2nd and 1st team. If you watch any film of their games he was double teamed plenty, as they had no other weapons on his scale, and he still put up superior numbers. That said I don’t think any draft site had him higher than the 4th round so it was a good move. The third round is where you might look to “reach” some, it’s not like taking the slowest CB in the draft in the second. This year Max Sharping was taken in the 2nd round by Houston, also a Northern Illinois grad, and he wasn’t projected to go until the 3rd thru the 6th depending on who was grading him. I was hoping he would be there for us later but there you go. I don’t mean to diminish the “find”, just wanted to weigh in that Golladay should have been on every teams radar but thankfully they had him ranked higher and made the right move in drafting him.


Boy, that’s some sloppy ass tackling by the Chiefs.

Our defense is playing like a Pride. They finally look like Lions!

I don’t think people comprehend what Peter King said…this is insane…

The Lions’ last three weeks: Detroit 70, Chargers/Eagles/Chiefs 68. Imagine your opposing quarterbacks in this era of passer-rating-inflation have been Kyler Murray, Phillip Rivers, Carson Wentz and Patrick Mahomes, and you’ve held them to a composite (and stingy) 80.3 rating.


With Rogers on deck…brutal stretch of QB’s!!


Thankfully after Rodgers it really lightens up:

Kirk Cousins
Daniel Jones
Derrick Carr
Mitchell Trubisky
Dak Prescott
Mitchell Trubisky
Kirk Cousins
Jameis Winston
Aaron Rodgers


To quote Clubber Lang…“Dead meat!” (Rodgers included)