Chiefs oline

PFF has Kansas city as the #3 offensive line. I believe i saw a stat where we pressured mahomes 66% of his dropbacks. If we stay healthy then this will be a top 10 defense (especially if moseley stays healthy). Have we ever had this type of stat line against a top 3 oline before? The more i dwell on it, the more im excited about this defense.

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And if the refs actually enforced the rules against them, there were probably 3-4 sacks


And zero points. KC would have gone backwards 3 outta 4 plays.
The NFL saw a blowout in the making and didn’t want to destroy the hype of the game so they allowed it to go on to keep ratings high.
That’s my only reasonable justification for allowing such blatant cheating.
I just want to know if Sewell can do it this week?
They need to think real hard on that. And, which fouls get called on which teams, beyond that.


Maybe. Pat is such a magician back there.


This is AMAZING. Love it and proud.

also, promise you suh and the boys brought that sort of heat (guessing better).

Any team facing Hutch is shitting their pants. Dude was unblockable on Monday night. They had 8 months to prepare for him, and he was still the best player on the field.

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