Chiefs RT Jawaan Taylor defends technique

And holding

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Jawaan Taylor got flagged 5 times against the Jags, while also getting benched by Andy Reid. He received flags for false starts, illegal formation and holding. Imagine that.

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The NFL proves to be reactionary, but at least they’re calling them now:

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Mahomes needs to rewatch the tape. He is lining up way further back than other tackles.

Is this sarcasm or true?

When you push the envelop too far then you force the NFL to crack down on it.

Mahomes is right that a lot of OT’s are doing it but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a penalty and maybe you just shouldn’t do it because it’s cheating the rules. The officials have let it go on too long and Taylor deserves all the criticism and penalties he gets because he pushed it too far and now he’s paying the price for it.

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I think its a good lesson that if you push something to the extreme and “get away with it,” sometimes it bites you in the butt later. I like this shot from the game against the Bears. He was not called for a penalty on this play. I like this particular shot because the 15 yard line is almost perfectly positioned to show what’s “too far back” from the line of scrimmage. All of the lineman are supposed to be up at the centers belt line. I have put a fake yellow line showing approximately where that is. The guards helmets are barely getting to the belt line. Which means the Chiefs OTs need to basically line up directly next to the guards. If they line up behind the guards (which we are used to seeing), its a penalty.

Here is another snapshot someone else took that has a great angle showing how far OG’s are lining up into the backfield. But in this pic the RT has to line up in essentially the same spot as the RG because if he lines up farther back, he’s illegal.

Here is another one with the Bengals. The OG’s are getting back as far as they can, which again means the RT’s head has to line up with the RG’s head to be legal.

And just for good measure, here is another formation by the Chiefs in last weeks game against the Jags. Taylor was not flagged for this. I have put a fake yellow line at the deepest point that can still be considered the “belt line” of the center. The RG next to Taylor has pushed it to the extreme, which means Taylor can’t be further back than the RG. Instead, Taylor is lined up next to the h-back who is in the slot. :rofl: The play ended up picking up 12 yards and they converted the 4th down to keep the drive alive.


Great Job!

Exactly what I’m talking about. KC knows they’re pushing it and getting away with it. So are a lot of other teams. Officials have let it slide too long. I hope they continue to crack down on it.


This is old-school San-Fran philosophy from way back. Holmgrem, McCarthy and Gruden have all mentioned it at one time or another. They’re going to push the refs as far as the refs will let them. They are going to cross the line until the refs tire of flagging them. This exists especially on their holding techniques along the OL and their stickiness in the defensive backfield. There is a segment of the NFL that doesn’t try the refs in the same manner.

Pete Carroll does this as well. Back when Sea had a stellar defense that secondary was holding and causing PI on every play. I actually met with Deshawn Shead after they became a Lion and we spoke about how Carroll coached them to do that as a way to condition the refs. The refs can’t call them on every play or the game would be too boring so the Refs would let it slide for Sea but when Shead got to DET it wouldn’t slide anymore because DET hadn’t conditioned the refs.


And it cuts both ways. That’s one concerning aspect of Jacobs’ grabbiness and how it is being officiated. The reputation can really create additional hurdles for a guy.


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I guess the NFL isn’t going to crack down on Jawaan Taylor consistently…

This was the play when Gray caught his TD pass…



Not only does Taylor fail to have his helmet line up with the belt of the center…. but he doesn’t even line up with ANY part the center…. and for good measure… his right foot may be farther off the LOS than all but 2 players on the Chiefs offense!


I have Mahommes as my fantasy QB and was fully expecting a flag to negate the TD. Oh well, I’ll take the points.

I was hoping this wouldn’t be a reaction to the fan and media’s cry for foul play only to go back to not enforcing it but unfortunately that looks like it could be the case.

One things for sure. Fans and media alike are getting on the Lions bandwagon. They like our team and coach and as a result it’s likely to have an effect that Lions fans have never seen.

That Packers game was the closest ref game I’ve ever seen called versus the Packers so we’re making some headway.


So, it appears the refs made it an ‘emphasis’ for one week, until people stopped talking about it. Then, it is back to regular business, as long as Mahomes gets his TDs.


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He got called for a face mask in the endzone for a safety. They pay that guy $20M/year.

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