Choose your own adventure nfl draft

You’ve grinded for three years in college after coming in as a 5 star recruit.
After putting in the work
You’re a first round draft pick
With a 68% chance of getting your fifth year option picked up –

but here’s the game:

What position do you play ?
What pick and team do you want to go to ?

I am a hybrid of J-will, Barry Sanders, and Fox (pretty much can play any position, but prefer RB)

I will play for Lions only. I went public saying I would only play for Detroit, so I didn’t get picked until 34.

I always keep the OL juiced up so that together we teach the other 31 teams that our offense is…in fact…quite offensive. We punish their defenses with our offense. Taking teams out behind the wood shed every week, and we enjoy the physicality…always pressuring Dan to let us attack them in the run.

Me and the OL love St Brown because he loves to help us deliver punishment and enjoys blocking. Begging our handsome bald guy to get more WRs like that so we can inspire our defense to hit.

We commonly speak to the Defense during games…“You guys let them score and you have to play against us in practice.” Willis loves us and spends a lot of money on us at Christmas time. He knows we protect him and keep him clean and handsome back there in the pocket.

Sounds like Sheila could get you on a team friendly deal
But then promise max ambassador benefits for life after you retire. $500k for 28 hrs a year.

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I’m a QB going 1OA to the Rams.

I mean is there another answer?

McVay with one foot in one foot out the door ? Plus he might sell you out as the problem.

I promise I’ll take my love for the team to my grave and beyond. Ambassador…office RB… Liaison between players and management/coaches…
Team Reality Builder…there are many ways to go with this beyond playing days.

Mine might just be the most uninteresting response of them all. But for my own good reason I guess.

After an all to familiar mediocre season for Detroit, I’m being drafted to the Lions. Somewhere between pick 8 and 15… just enough to cause a little commotion here in the Den with countless threads about the same thing :smiling_imp:

I get it… losing franchise that continuously disappoints such a fantastic fanbase, along with star players.

My reason is simple. Being able to witness the Lions misfortunes come to an end with a super bowl win as a fan would probably be somewhere near the top of my all time emotional moments list… I would lose it.
But to be a part of it?.. oooooh man… thaaat would be somethin…

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Somebody has to get us there !
As long as you aren’t a tight end at #8

It skews for us as fans
But these are what’s best for the career.

Joining an organization … where to go and what to play ?

Lions could be just starting a nice stable run
Relatable goof coaches but what if they move on ?

I wouldn’t want to go to WFT

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