Round 2 Dream pick…maybe he falls like Diggs CB from Bama few years ago

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 13-02-41 Chris Braswell - MockDraftable

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 13-02-51 Will Anderson Jr. - MockDraftable

I wouldn’t be shocked if Braswell found a way to succeed at the NFL level. The talent is there. He didn’t really get to play a ton with Anderson and then Dallas Turner ahead of him the whole time, but he got on the field a lot this past year and was a good player. Was that because of his experience and the system? Or because he’s a good player at the next level?

He’s obviously coming from the 3-4 though, so I don’t think he’s a great scheme fit. He’d probably play a similar position to Davenport if he was here, but at 251 I don’t know how we’ll he’d hold up.

And we don’t want him here as an off ball backer all the time. He didn’t play that in college and we have several good LBs now.

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Yeah not seeing that comp at all @Jman, save for their size (and the school they played at I guess). But there are a lot of guys who are roughly 6’3, 250, and they ain’t Will Anderson.

Now I like Braswell, and if he fell to 61 he’d definitely be in consideration for me if we haven’t gone edge already. I think he’ll go higher than that, but you never know.

But he’s not anywhere near Anderson’s level, which is why he played behind him even though they got to Alabama the same year (and Dallas Turner was ahead of him too despite being younger).

Well 1 guy you had to trade 2 1st round picks to get the other guy might be there #61

So i agree there

Heh, fair enough. Though I wonder why you put their measurables and stats side by side if you weren’t comparing them?

Comparing them yes… not saying he is on the same level…

But a guy round 2 with those comparions/similarities that you also mentioned.

Of course game tape is important…but this is a piece of the puzzle.

I think he’s a guy we should look at round 2, even if he is inexperienced as far as snap goes…

We have guys like Davenport,Cominsky, Paschal who will eat snaps year 1 anyways.

Just antoher guy to give us juice off the edge with Houston

He’d be a good choice if he fell to 61, but honestly, I’m just not seeing a lot of guys in this edge class worth it after the 1st. And even in the 1st I only really like Latu, Turner and Chop. Booker has some upside I suppose, but his testing was surprisingly subpar. Otherwise I’d rather wait for the Brennan Jackson, Myles Cole or Jalyx Hunt types on day 3.

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Slim pick’n I agree

This is where I’m at. After those 3 and depending on how someone feels about Trice I’d rather just wait to get a guy later.


The risk of Latu/Chop round 1 is too rich for me.

Verse round 1
Braswell round 2
Trice round 3
Kamara round 3/4
Brennan Jackson Day 3

I don’t know much about Cole…low PFF score no production last year playing next to Tyree? What’s to like about this guy… I’m guessing Ras score?

Jalynx Hunt = who?

we need really SURE tacklers , last season I was throwing shit at my TV with the whiffs, bltant misses, the little shoving OOB crap , how opponents hit us with big gains…it was embarassing. we need to wrap up more. maybe Braswell can help mop up…not sure.

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Jalyx Hunt was at the Senior Bowl. Small school stud with long arms, huge hands, and great testing. He’s a day 3 bet on potential (and I thought he held his own pretty well at the Senior Bowl).

Cole is more of a poor man’s Darius Robinson. Not just great testing but absolutely bonkers length (37 inch arms!). His combo or height/weight/speed is really, really rare. He’s another bet on potential.


liking Myles Cole…

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Cole largely played out of position so it’ll be interesting to see his transition with his hand in the dirt at the line of scrimmage full time.


I have two major worries with him:

  1. He doesn’t play as strong as you’d like him to play. With that frame he should be planting dudes in the dirt. And sometimes he does. But other times he gets too high and has very little impact on the play. He’ll definitely need some technique work on his pad level.

  2. I don’t think he’s the most instinctive guy in the world.

Of course if the above concerns weren’t there, we wouldn’t be talking about Cole as a day 3 guy, he’d be a first rounder. So they’re sort of already baked into his price.

His hands are in the dirt when he is standing straight up.

Right he stood up in college and played off ball a lot and will have to transition in the NFL to putting his hand in the dirt at the LOS unless a team wants to stand him up at the los as a 278 lbs. rush linebacker

Or did I miss a joke @Thats2 and I needlessly explained myself further?

Yes the dude can tie his shoes without bending over.

My mother always taught me if you couldn’t say anything nice…