CJ Stroud staying for Senior year?

I was thinking, if Stroud stays for his senior year, Lions pick at 6 will be even more valuable and a team like the panthers or even raiders moving up would be more likely…

And the damn Bears would be even more lucky, imagine how much they can get if a team moves up to get either Levis or Young…

Social media warriors may have already persuaded him to go pro…


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All I’m going to say is you guys shouldn’t be surprised if you see an announcement that says he’s staying some time this weekend.

I personally think it’s too good to be true, but there’s a lot of smoke right now, and where there’s smoke…

Best thing to happen to Bears. So many teams are going to want to move up. Helps us out too… move down if we can get a 2024 1st :100:

How does a player expected to be drafted before us deciding to go back to college help us trade down? In fact it does the opposite. And it reduces the chance that a top defensive player falls to us. This is bad for the lions

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I’m hoping it will start a bidding war for picks 1 and 3-5 with teams that want a QB. If that happens, some of the premier non-QB talent will drop right into our laps.

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More top qb talent makes it MORE likely top defensive players drop in our lap

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Very interesting…was kind of hoping he would come out so we had more trade options or more QB’s going in front of us.

My source said announcement coming today.

NIL impact is real.


They’ll lose a lot on the offensive line. Maybe him and Harrison can win a chip together??

Yea, that is because the deadline for declaring for the draft is today


It HAS to come today, one way or the other, it’s the last day to declare.

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Any word on young yet?

I thought he officially declared two weeks ago.

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Last I heard he was going to declare.

It’ll be interesting to see what he does.

Yes, I think they would have a pretty good chance of winning a big 10 championship if he stays.

If CJ came back, we’d be returning everyone except both tackles, our center, and Zach Harrison off of a team that should’ve beat Georgia and won the national championship. They really were so close.

Those two edge defenders they have next year are going to be terrors

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It’s lunacy that this is even a debate. Though I’m assuming the NFL advisory has him as a clear top ten guy.

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I would jump to NFL. First contract will be more than one NIL deal and also one year sooner to that second contract where there is massive money to be made. But to each their own.