Claim And Flip

Can a player claimed off of waivers be traded?

I assume a guy like Leatherwood will be in demand, although his contract might prohibit a claim. There may be other players though who have sufficient value to a contender that they would give up some kind of asset to acquire them, even if only improving a draft position.

Is this a thing? Can it be a thing?

Lions did that once with QB Kevin O’Connell. Mayhew claimed him, then flipped him for a 7th Rd pick.

Wouldn’t the Raiders have tried to trade him before cuts? As you stated, the salary is prohibitive at this point. I’m sure there would be many teams calling his agent to bring him in at a reduced salary if/when he clears waivers.

Nobody wants the kid. They had him on the trade block and not one team made an offer. He stinks, I’ll be surprised to see him on a roster this season

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I’m sure teams will bring him in and kick the tires but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out of the league in a year or so.

A player claimed off waivers must be on the active roster for 3 weeks i believe was what I heard today.

If a club is assigned a player via waivers at any time, the club is required to count the player on its Active List for at least two business days and is prohibited from trading such player unless he has been a member of the club’s Active/Inactive List for one preseason or regular season game or for seven calendar days, whichever occurs first.*

I was incorrect.


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