Cleveland preseason game talk

Oh, boy! Here we go. Weak!

Did anybody else just catch what Speilman just said? Zenner is eligible for the PS?
Interesting. Nobody has claimed him, yet.

I Like 49 Thomas @RB

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To me…Josh Johnson > Tom Savage

But I’d trade both for someone like Shaun Hill

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I also feel like I’m watching a high school game.

Clemson or Alabama could beat what is on the field tonight.

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Outside of a few guys, Washington, Ford, maybe, if any of them see the field in a game? We’re screwed. Especially at QB, but yeah, Josh is better than Tom.

my spidey senses telling me we’re not coming back in this game…


Thompson had a few solid runs.

yeah AD I like Thompson and hope we hang on…I like his vision and power, and ability to break tackles.


I think Fulgham, Nauta and Thompson made the team tonight and Crosby gets cut. WTH happened to Crosby, he is fat and slow. Pope on the practice squad as a guard. We need a new oline coach and better oline scouts.


as far as Crosby goes, Some players put out more effort, maybe he believes that he’s a sure thing to make the 53 already…you never know, some guys’ ego’s are inflated to put it mildly and just kind of coast along thinking they have it made…who knows?