Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine this place if we were

Eagles fans

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I went to an Eagles Discord and forum and they were both melting the â– â– â– â–  down.

And by the way, 49er forums did too when they dropped 3 straight.

It’s almost like fans are emotionally invested.

Super weird.

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So good teams have fans just like us?

We have arrived…

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I bet there’s not as much humbuggery after a win as we have here today, though

I encourage you to visit game threads of literally any Eagles game.

Most other teams sure but Eagles fans were mad about this one

As a general rule, I try to keep as much distance between myself and your average eagles fan as possible

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During the 49ers skid, I can’t find it now, but one thread said Shanahan had lost the team.

Last year, Eagles fans wanted Hurts benched multiple games.

Every community is different. Fans have emotional reactions. Hell, Goff was booed loud enough against Chicago that the announcers mentioned it, which means at least 1/4 of that place was pissed.

It’s an emotional bond. Humans are emotional beings. It’s an emotional game.

I’m really tired of people beating up on others on this forum for having an opinion that doesn’t line up with theirs.

How goddamn boring would this place be …

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It goes both ways.

The negative crowd literally tells us if we don’t think a defensive coordinator of a 9-3 team with Jerry Jacobs starting a corner isn’t fired it’s a crime against football

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Jerry Jacobs is objectively bad at football.

I’ve seen no posts claiming that your perspective AG shouldn’t be fired is a crime against football (doesn’t mean it wasn’t said, but I haven’t seen it).

We haven’t been in this position since 1952. I think we get a little leeway.