Clowney back home to Carolina

Didn’t sound like he was ever a target for us anyways.

Brad got all his #1 targets

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2 year deal. Never was gonna happen here.

He goes where the money goes. Brad was never gonna get into a bidding war.

And carolina is dumb enough to offer the bag

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2 year/20 mil is pretty reasonable for a talent like this.

I bet he took less money similar to Danielle Hunter did to play back home in houston

Amazingly, for all the hype Clowney seems to get, he’s never had double digit sacks.

Out of 10 seasons, he’s had two at 9.5, two at 9.0, and the next best after that was 6.0.

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not missing anything really.


Brad doesnt target well known turds. Never has. Never will.


I mean the Lions had a massive gambling scandal last offseason and no one can find CB 1 from last year who is currently on the run from the cops… CJGJ is also a huge turd. Buggs? Holmes seems willing to take some risks.

Even Coach Campbell said that at one point… about having 1 or 2… but can’t have too many for sure. It aint all choir boys.


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He only shows up when he feels like it. He runs his mouth too much when things start to get tough. That’s why teams have only been giving him one year at a time.
The attitude is not one you want to add to the locker room.