Coach Campbell Sunday Night Around Midnight

Double fisted and Fired up!!! Now that is one handsome fella. :laughing:


Don’t try selling that to Natty.

So apropos

Double fisting a silver bullet and what I can only assume is some sort of whiskey and coke!

What a dude!!!


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What a dude!!!
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God, I wish that was a white Russian in that pic. Dire need of a photoshop. If so, I’d get that shit silk screened immediately!

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Definitely not his best picture/moment

If we win the super bowl I will shave my head… but that means you gotta grow yours Natty for 6 months.

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We have 1/2 of a deal… No amount of glory or shame will cause me to go to hell by losing my handsomeness

Some things aren’t for sale at any price

Let the den record forever show…this man would rather be bald than having the Lions win the super bowl…

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I have a special surprise for Sunday night regarding luck.

Godfather is the only one who knows what I’m talking about


More to come later…

Lions will win

You had me at special surprise…

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This may or may not be toad related.

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Also @Nuseand7 get good luck baby ready for Sunday night!!!

I’m thinking a solid nap from 2 - 630.

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Dude he might be ready to play …dudes big Processing: 1000003149.jpg…

He has a fresh hair cut and all …sorry not shaved @BigNatty

I’m in on this deal. But I will ratch it up a notch, we win the NFC Championship I will shave my head.

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This man rules… my hair is currently long.

Once we beat the Rams…hair pics better be on the line @NowFromTN haha mine is really flowing :joy::joy:

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