Coach Dan Campbell Presser 6/6/24 Injuries Update!

Biggest news.
He believes EVERYONE will be good to go for Camp including Dorsey and Moseley. Other than Reader. Hell be closer to season start.

Also Big News.
Detroit Lions Writer Mike OHara retiring

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Interesting, eh?
I hear that and assume that neither Mosley nor Dorsey will be PUP’d or IR’d.

The Agude love is interesting, too. You wonder if it’s just fluff or if this guy will really challenge for a spot.

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Id assume that too.
He said everyone will be fully ready at the start of or very early in camp.
So yes to me that means. No IR or PUP for anyone. Other than maybe Reader. But he feels Reader will be ready for the season but its close. Too early to tell now

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Also big News Mike OHara retiring!

Dorsey was “good news on that, just an ankle”.

Some of the local guys (Twentyman and Pasche in particular) were offering their praises of O’Hara on Twitter the other day.


I had no idea he was a Nam Vet too.

Thank you Mike for your Service to your country and to the Lions.

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Pretty sure his wife was Vietnamese. I think he lost her just a few years ago.

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What a contrast with his rapport with the reporters vs what we’ve seen in the past, and his honoring O’hara was as genuine as Dan is always.
(No slobby slouch coach speak)
He really sounds pretty happy with the team going in, players and coaches.
We are one of the heavyweights!


Yup - he got back to the states about the same time as Jack Fox and Chuck Norris

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If you don’t chew big red (or love Dan Campbell)…then ■■■■ you!


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I was on the air once on WJR to talk about the Lions and Mike O’Hara was the host. We had a great discussion and he was a gentleman.


I still think a guy or two might start on PUP or NFI List in addition to Reader but not stay to long.
It is always better to start them on the list and take them off.
You can’t add them to those lists after camp starts.

Not true any more!
You can add up to 2 players onto IR DURING camp/preseason

I was not speaking of IR.

Its the same deal tho. The whole point of the NFLL or PUP was so they DIDNT have to be on the 53 man roster day1. And had to be declared BEFORE training camp started. Where if a player was hurt during cap. They had to be on the 53 day 1 BEFORE going to IR.

Now you can put up to 2 player onto the IR at ANY time during camp/ preseason and they can stay there and wont count towards the 53 day1.

The only reason you would put a player onto the PUP NOW is because you fully think they wont be ready before season starts.

But if you feel they have a chance to get some work during camp, like reader, you can add them last minute

I understand about the IR. You are able to add UP TO 2 players.
That is a limiting number.
Why would you not start a player on the PUP list if he is not ready to practice on day #1 of camp? When he is ready to practice you can take him off the PUP list.
If you start him on the active list and he never practices because of repeated setbacks then you will need to burn one of the 2 IR slots that don’t count against the 53.
Teams have had guys on the PUP list for just a couple of days, and some for all of camp. But it is not wise to activate them until they have worked on the side for several days without symptoms so you are sure that whatever ailment is behind.
Moseley was thought to be able to practice and play all preseason last year but had repeated swelling and setbacks lasting through the regular season.
I thought they should have kept him on the PUP list but they activated him on cut day and he still didn’t play the 1st 4 weeks. They could have saved a roster spot.

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Reader definitely begins camp as PUP, along with several others. It sounds like the expectation, though, is that all but Reader are tracking for being available near week 1. I would expect Reader to come off PUP before the cut to 53, just so he can get a little work in before being activated.

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Ah yea. Reading into it. I thought once they were on the PUP they couldn’t get on.

But reading a player can go on the PUP preseason and come off anytime untill 53 cut down day.

So yes i agree. Hell start on the pup day 1 of camp. Then hopefully come off before 53 day. Where hell miss 6 weeks.

When they are ready to practice, they’ll come off the list.

If they are expected to play in the first few weeks, they’ll take 'em off PUP before the cut to 53.

If he’s legit PUP and not likely to be active in the 1st 4 games, they’ll leave him on the PUP. Same with Mosley (again).

Judging by the sounds of it, I’m back to post #1… it sounds like we’re not going to have players on PUP at the cut to 53.

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