**College Football Saturday 12/4**

Big 12 Championship @ NOON
Baylor vs Oklahoma State

SEC Championship @ 4pm
Georgia vs Alabama

All American Conference Championship @ 4pm
Houston vs Cincinnati

ACC Championship @ 8pm
Pitt vs Wake Forest

B1G Championship @ 8pm
The Fighting Harbaughs vs Iowa


Damn Baylor looks good.

That was a backwards pass. Baylor dodged a bullet there.

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Man Baylor’s QB is dropping some dimes.

We all thought the same as well.

If OSU and UM lose, watch Alabama and Notre Dame get put in.

ND is not jumping Cincy.

No doubt they’re putting in Bama if the chance presents itself.

Baylor’s D has players we need. Speed.

They wouldn’t need to jump Cinci.
Notre Dame will jump Ok.St. and a UofM loss would open up a spot for them.

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If Cincy loses I have no doubt ND is getting that spot.

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What if Georgia loses?

Georgia has their spot locked up. They’ve been dominant all year. If Bama beats them GA still doesn’t drop out of the top 4.



And that is what you call a game of inches.


Crazy ending in the Big 12. Inches short.

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Door now open for Notre Dame if UM loses, which I’m sure the committee is salivating over.

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That was crazy, didn’t Baylor call Time out when they didn’t have one right before the 4th and goal play? Did you guys see that? The refs blew the whistle even. Perhaps I missed something. Isn’t that a penalty?

The refs stopped the play. Never said why they did though.

How did it end? I had to leave and missed the ending after OSU closed to within 5.