++College Football Thread 11/3++

Who you watching today? Trevor Lawrence of Clemson is legit.

Some great games today. OSU looked very very beatable.
Great start for UM …GO BLUE!
then huge game tonight, especially for LSU

Purdue vs Iowa… Great game. Big 10 is so back and forth, just never know.

Michigan was dominate. Combined with LSU getting shutout Michigan should easily move to #4

But it doesn’t matter unless they can beat Ohio State. But at least Michigan is peaking at the right time

UM looks legit. Which, as a Spartan fan, is painful to admit.

It will just make it that much funnier when they lose to Ohio State again. LOL

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Shut it you two lol. They look to be getting better and better and osu looks average good at best. We won’t go in scared for sure and this team OSU won’t have ANY intimidation factor on. I honestly believe we go into their house and expose the fact they can’t stop the run and they miss mobile QB

I’ll be rooting for the Spartan’s next weekend.

Yesterday was one more example of why college football is the best sport on the friggin planet. Solid early games, awesome Michigan game (granted, I’m biased), and effing brilliant later games with ND/Northwestern and Oklahoma/Texas Tech.

Oh, and after that one I switched to Netflix for a couple hours for a change of pace. Turned ESPN back on at literally 2am and what’s that? The 8th ranked team in the country is tied up at 13 with 1:30 left in the 4th quarter? At 2 frickin am? Hell yes, I’ll watch that too…

Even if Mich gets by OSU in 3 weeks, I worry about NW if they get to the championship game… They have a tough one vs Iowa coming up and they’ve played the big10 well.

They played us well too. It would not be an easy out—certainly wasn’t when we barely escaped Evanston. But they won’t be sneaking up on us again either. Fitzgerald is a great coach, but if both teams know who they’re facing and are gameplanning for it, I don’t know if they have the athletes to line up and beat their heads against us for four quarters.

Since going down to NW 17-0, Michigan has dominated their opponents, scoring 163 points and giving up 48.

Michigan controls their own destiny. Just keep winning.