College football transfers

There was like over 700 yesterday.

Bama lost 7 kids.

College football has becoming more and more like the nfl. Let the free agent period begin


I think it’s great for the sport… If Bijan Robinson gets offered 4M in NIL money to stay at Texas, and that is enough with Ewers to get them back to a 10 win program, then that’s great… He will likely be a 1st rounder if he runs well, and that based on Jordan Davis contract last year (as high as I could see Robinson going)… it would be a 4 years 17M deal… For him it might be a tougher decision…

But there are some like Corum who I bet could get 2M in NIL money from Michigan vs going in round 4-5 and getting a 4 year 4M deal…

I think the transfer portal for kids who commit to Bama or Clemson and don’t get to play, or for McNamara who earned a chance to start somewhere is great


The problem I have with it isn’t the opportunity it affords the kids. The problem I have with it is that few of these kids are going to be NFL players even if they have big dreams. We always think of the Justin Fields and Joe Burrow’s but most do not make it. And if you are transferring colleges you run the risk of never actually getting a degree. Maybe this isn’t quite as big a deal as I’m making it, but iI would hate to see it.


Not only football, but has wreaked havoc in basketball also.


One of the Siriusxm college channel hosts has talked about this more than once, it is his biggest beef with the current system.

Once many, if not most, of these kids announce for the portal they are done at their old school. What happens to those who don’t find a landing spot in the portal, there is no guarranteed 4yr scholarship for them.

While many will find a landing spot as they have back channels communicating for them on their behalf and vice versa for the schools prior to entering portal, not all of them will. Those kids get taught a harsh life lesson.


Wow, I guess it was to be expected. But, shits getting wild. Not only do you have to recruit high school kids, now you have to recruit players on the other 130+ colleges to compete, and with the NIL’s shit is getting wild. The concept of playing 3 or 4 years with the same college may go completely out the window before long.

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This is from April and is regarding the previous 8months:

According to Ross Dellenger of Sports IIllustrated, the annual record for players in the transfer portal has been shattered as 2,669 players have entered the portal in the last eight months, already surpassing the 12-month record of 2,654.

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Wow! Another factor here is that playing for the same program for 4 years you build relationships. The guys I played college football with became my brothers, I still talk to many of them 20+ years later. You go to battle together, build that bond with the players and coaches. A lot of life lessons there. Hard to experience any of that if you are changing schools all the time and trust goes out the window. Like someone said above, the majority of these players aint playing in the NFL, get your degree.

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Extra covid year hasn’t helped at all

Texas A&M with 21. Nil maybe killing college football

Here is a possible take (keep in mind, I may be an idiot in this arena)…

It seems to me that keeping a team together is now one more skill a coaching staff must have. You have to be able to win games, put players in the NFL, recruit high schoolers. Now, you have to be able to RETAIN and DEVELOP the guys you’ve got as well. So, that promising Sophomore who is sitting behind a Senior… can you keep him on the team? Will he buy into the program?

This is one reason why I don’t think ‘buying’ recruits with a high dollar NIL program will turn teams into Elites overnight (see Texas A&M for a great example). If guys are coming for the money, and don’t care about the program/team/coach, they WILL bolt as soon as it makes sense for them. Because they can transfer easily, and make money elsewhere.

Now, if you can have a coach that builds loyalty, a team-first attitude, etc, you are more likely to hang onto more of those players. It is just one more skill a NCAA coach/program will need to have moving forward. In fact, it may allow you to attract more players in the portal than you lose, and to keep some guys a year longer because they can get NIL money.

So for some, NIL and the portal will be a plus. For many others, it will be a negative. I don’t see it as universally good or bad.


Oh i think you take money you Stay for at least up till your JR year. Everyone wins at that point

Great points!! It’s a real juggling act as a coach to build a sustainable program now. Gotta be stressful as shit knowing you may lose good players every year while also trying to nab players from other teams.

Definitely doesn’t build team chemistry very well.

I‘m ready to watch the NCAA collapse under the weight of their own greed and hubris. It figures that it would happen just as Michigan football was becoming elite again, but that’s life for you. The schools that can’t afford to build sports palaces and don’t have the boosters to shovel money to the top players might as well form their own leagues.

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Saw this elsewhere where a similar discussion was ongoing.

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Saban thought the NIL deals were helping A&M….


Well it did and didn’t.

I never understood the portal. So, say a kid puts is name in the portal, are they immediately release from their current scholarship? If so and they don’t transfer, what happens?

They are done. Some kids dont find a new home or they go to a community College

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