Collins Alleged Heat Butt

I’m sorry, but the more I watch this the more I’m convinced the ref moved his shoulder to make sure Collins made contact with him. (Still a bone head play) #Lions

— Lions Brawl ™️ (@LionsBrawl) September 14, 2020

Is this right? This certainly looks like the ref stepped into him and flopped.

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— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) September 13, 2020

Rex Chapman getting in on the fun.

This was such a bizarre event. I don’t even know what to think about it.

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Collins is an idiot for what he did. There’s no excusing it.


Maybe, but why did the ref step into him so he could eject him?

Seems suspect as hell.

That’s why I was asking if it was edited. How can you eject him if the ref initiated the contact??

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One can make the argument he was instinctually protecting the middle of his chest where Collins was aiming, and shrugged his shoulder to avoid getting hit square on. Now I’m not saying he would’ve been hit hard or anything.

I do totally disagree with the ref trying to engage Collins so he can justify penalizing him and throwing him out.

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Unless Collins didn’t actually try to make contact, and the ref moved into him. Collins certainly looked surprised after the incident, and the Ref does move towards the contact. Someone needs to explain to Collins that the Lions get “special” treatment.

I’m not going to say the ref deliberately moved toward Collins so he could flag/eject him. I’m just saying that as a Lion’s fan, it would not surprise me at all if it turns out he did.

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Collins is a moron and there is no justifying what he did. He is a bonehead and has always been a bonehead.


I think Collins got Lionized myself. He doesn’t get that call as a Patriot. Refs don’t step in, they step away know what I mean?

We’ve went from Collins initiated contract with the ref, to there was no discretion, to there was discretion but he deserved it, to he didn’t even initiate the contact??

My problem with this is that the punishment in now way fit with the spirit of the rule.

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Back…and to the left

Back…and to the left

Back…and to the left


Uh what? There is no grey area. You make contact with an official you get ejected. It doesn’t matter what uniform Collins is wearing.

There is no defending what Collins did. He does not even need to be lowering his head anywhere near the official. Why are you even trying to defend this?

He didn’t make contact with an official, an official made contact with him. What’s gray about that?

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Lol. Hahahaha. This fan base deserves what they get at times. Seriously.

There is no conspiracy to throw out the Lions overpaid, scrub linebacker… my god

It was the right call. Just a dumb move.

This is my point. If you have to Zapruder film this thing then why the ejection?

I could get behind the PF. But not the ejection. Especially when the ref was flopping.

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That was the part that threw me off. Throw the flag but don’t throw the guy out of the game. That was just stupid, but completely normal for the Lions.


I think if you throw the flag for touching the ref, you have to toss the player by rule?

I don’t think so…I think there is discretion there.

Q&A with the referee who threw out Lions LB Jamie Collins

Updated Sep 13, 2020; Posted Sep 13, 2020


Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears – September 13, 2020

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By Kyle Meinke | [email protected]

DETROIT – The Lions spent $30 million to rebuild their defense around Jamie Collins. They didn’t get their money’s worth on opening day.

Collins was off to a great start, but was tossed from the game early in the second quarter after his head made contact with referee Alex Kemp. He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and ejected. Detroit’s defense held on for a while against Chicago, but allowed Mitchell Trubisky to throw three touchdowns in the fourth quarter and lost 27-23.

Kemp explained after the game it was his call to send Collins out of the game. Here is that interview in its entireity.

Q: Did you see Jamie Collins coming toward you before the ejection?

A: “Yes, I saw him coming toward me.”

Q: Does it matter how hard he hit you, or is it just that he touched you at all?

A: “No, players are allowed to touch officials, put a hand on your shoulder, or something of that nature. But unnecessary contact with a game official – it’s Rule 12-3-1-E.

[The rule states: Under no circumstance is a player allowed to shove, push, or strike an official in an offensive, disrespectful, or unsportsmanlike manner. The player shall be disqualified from the game]

"That covers unnecessary contact to a game official. So, that’s what I went with.”

Q: Did you think he was trying to explain what had happened on the prior play, or does that not matter either?

A: “No, I judged it as unnecessary, so I called a foul.”

Q: Did that call for an immediate ejection?

A: “I decided to eject the player.”

Q: Could you have just called an unsportsmanlike penalty?

A: “Not with his actions, unfortunately.”

Q: So, the ejection was because he touched you, and you can’t rule on intent?

A: “I ruled unnecessary contact.”