Colorado vs Colorado State GOY

It was entertaining as hell but the gameplay was really sloppy. Colorado State committed a ton of penalties and Colorado was off most of the game. Great fun though.

On another note, I hope Hunter is ok. That was a nasty, cheap hit. Colorado State was resorting to those tactics all game because of the talent gap, almost worked but it was a gross display. Even at the end of regulation (or was it OT?) that kid tried to take out Shedeur with a headshot. I’m all for physical football but that was assault out there at times.

Very talented and accurate but, man, he holds on to the ball way too long. Needs to learn to throw it away when nothing is there.

Agree… it was so late…. and the ball bounced right n the path of that safety…. so it was obvious that he knew the play was over.

Should have definitively been ejected…. and now the NCAA should suspend him… but I doubt they will. :roll_eyes::thinking::frowning:

You’re picking up on the same thing that I have been. It’s what I love about his players, they’re not lugging around any baggage. It’s a subtle thing I lack the communication skill to describe, but they’re determined to do their own thing. If you want to appreciate their effort, that’s OK, but it’s not essential to their effort. :muscle:t6:

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Refs calling against CSU. The blind side bloc penalty in OT was garbage.

I get Donovan McNabb with better accuracy vibes from Shedeur. He’s very composed. That’s my favorite aspect of his game.


I made a post about tone setting yesterday

When you start talking smack in the media all week to get hype

Start fighting before the game

Have a blatant cheap shot to take out one of their best players

Yeah, you’re gonna get all the flags thrown your way because you asked for it. :dart:

If we needed a QB I would be POUNDING the table for him. Fields style.

He’s going to be a stud.

What I don’t understand is why wasn’t “targeting” called? Did the rules change? The hit on Hunter used to be an automatic ejection.

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Can you imagine watching the game with your GF trying to explain why the one guy got ejected for a perfect form tackle and the other guy didn’t for a blatant late cheap shot hit

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First I would have to explain to my wife why my GF was at our house. My wife and my GF don’t get along. :rofl:

Their fans enjoy slashing tires. Their student sectoj got kicked out for throwing batteries. Theyre obnoxious.


Think they stay within 3 TD’s of Oregon?

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Usually big let down after a slug fest like that.

But it’s getting tougher and tougher to doubt Coach Prime

Your old lady NOT

but Your…

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It won’t be because of that, it will be because both of Oregon’s lines have multiple NFL picks and they have zero. Just being honest. Hell, Oregon might have the best center in college football.

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